Lyonchhen plans to recontest but yet to decide on party presidency

Responding to a question on Lyonchhen Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering’s political plans, Lyonchhen clarified that during his acceptance speech in the 2018 Elections, he had agreed that he would participate for only one term, irrespective of his performance during his tenure.

However, he said, “There are lots of things that needs to be completed because of the pandemic. My party friends recommended me to stay to finish up the work which was started together.”

Thereby, he decided to recontest for the upcoming election for the second time.

Whatever he said in the past was not to gain the people’s attention or to seek votes, he said, adding that he apologises for having said that, and he had not anticipated that the pandemic was coming when he took over the presidentship.

“It is not that my friends forced me to recontest. It’s me who is interested and decided to take part again. Of the five years of our tenure, almost three years went combating COVID-19. There are many things which we couldn’t do due to the pandemic,” he added.

There are two ways he would contest. One as a party president or as a DNT candidate. Responding to who would take the party presidentship, Lyonchhen said that there are two ways to respond, one is in a legal way and second way by internal arrangement. Party president is always elected and not appointed. There has to be a joint convention.

Many are speculating if the new DNT candidate Dasho Sonam Kinga will take over as the new party president. According to Lyonchhen, given Dasho Sonam Kinga’s capability, he was to form his own party and had his set of party functionary ready, however, just before he could launch his party, two new parties came into place.

Thereby, “Taking those high counts of moral responsibility, he sincerely believes that there is no room for another new party. I also personally feel that with five registered party, there won’t be room for another new party. Dasho Sonam Kinga then decided to join DNT,” Lyonchhen added.

DNT is honored to have him in the party, he said, adding that by any standard today, everyone feels that he deserves the highest post in the party.

He said, “Dasho refused to take the party presidentship when he joined the party. I will be very comfortable to be working under him if suppose Dasho take the president ship.” And he added, “I have no demand and am absolutely fine to be a South Thimphu candidate.”

The PM, however, indicated that he would be the party President if he is given the chance.

DNT will finalize on the party president soon.

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