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Lyonchhen says Govt will take cues from His Majesty’s 111th National Day Address

Lyonchhen (Dr) Lotay Tshering during the second Friday meet with the media said that he would be taking cues from the 111th National Day address of His Majesty The King.

He said that he is excited to hear the message in the 111th National Day being held in Samtse on December 17, 2018.

Lyonchhen said that people must listen to the address not only line by line and word by word but also in between the lines. He said his government would listen and follow it for the coming year.

The Prime Minister gave the example of the National Day address in Trongsa that had to do with farmer’s issues and lack of access to credit for them.

He said following that address the RMA and the banks came up with the Priority Sector Lending scheme. This scheme gives low interest and collateral free loans mainly in the rural sector and to youths interested in farming, food processing and other businesses.

Lyonchhen then pointed out that during the 110th National Day in Haa the main message was on the fact that Bhutan can face any external challenge as long it remained united and strong within.

The National Days have always been Bhutan’s most important national occasion and it has acquired only more depth and importance under the reign of His Majesty The King.

The 111th National Day to be celebrated in Samtse and all 20 Dzongkhags will be a major and important one with a lot of preparation and homework going into it.

It is also significant that Samtse will hosting this important occasion after a gap of many years.

The day in Samtse will be observed in the presence of His Majesty The King, His Majesty The Fourth King, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, HRH the Gyalsey, Their Majesties the Queen Mothers, HH The Je Khenpo and Members of the Royal Family. Various dignitaries and the public of Samtse will also be present.

For the first time, a flag will be hoisted in the air using a helicopter, and flowers will come showering down from above. The people are very excited to witness such an aerial show.

Samtse Dzongda Sonam Wangyel said that the preparation for the big day is going on full swing.

He said that there are many cultural programs, performed by the students and locals, on the list. A group of women police personnel will be performing a synchronized drill on the day. The members of the film industry are also performing entertainment programs during the celebrations.

“This year, apart from cultural program, for the first time in Bhutan, we will have a Ngagoem (strong women) competition. I think this is happening for the first time in Bhutan and there are three finalists from within the gewogs in Samtse,” the Dzongda added.  During the day, the dzongkhag will open nature parks in Samtse and a new artificial sports turf.

“I would assume that people are excited and all of them are looking forward to the day. It is not that I have gone around and asked, but I have been hearing that more and more people want to come here for the celebration,” the Dzongda said.

Like in the previous years, he said that there is a lucky draw segment this year as well. The final rehearsal has been done and they are set for the big day, the Dzongda added.

Meanwhile, the Director  at the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Yangchen Choden, said that the preparations in Thimphu is initiated by the home ministry, but there are many stakeholders who are helping out with the preparations for the 111th National Day celebrations in Thimphu which will be held in the Changlimithang Stadium.

She said although the main celebration will be held in Samtse this year, however, the preparations in Thimphu will be no less than Samtse to celebrate the National Day, she added.

“We are focusing on preserving of our own culture and tradition. This year, we will screen HM’s speech Live, whereby BOC and the ministry are working together for a big screen in the stadium,” she said.

A unique dance drama will be performed this year by RAPA. She said the special dance drama is called Jigten Chogwa Zhi, which will depict events from the time from the Zhabdrung till the current time of His Majesty The King.

The other cultural program will be same like in the past, performed by students, local people, civil servant and RAPA. Thimphu will also have a lucky draw segment, like in the previous celebrations, supported by various agencies.  “I am hoping that people will turn up for the great day, just to show our gratitude, unity and patriotism to the King and country.”

Free bus services will be provided until 6 PM as a part of celebration.

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