A 9th March, 2019 picture by The Bhutanese of the PM practicing that subsequently went viral

Lyonchhen says he was personally happier as a Doctor

The Prime Minister, Dr Lotay Tshering in a recent interaction with the private media opened up on any array of issues including on the difficulties and strains of the Prime Minister’s post.

The statement was in the context of the Prime Minister talking of doing away with the Five-year plan system, changing the budgeting process to reflect this and talking about recent hot potatoes issues like private schools and scholarships, truck drivers and boulders and hotels and their opposition to the proposed SDF tariff.

In the context of changing the 12th plan and budgeting system he said, “If the system has to be changed then there will be short term losses for some people. It is very difficult to do things.”

Lyonchhen said, “With my background in the hospital I feel very suffocated up there (PMO). Of my 19 to 20 years in the hospital there was never a single night I did not enjoy. When I reached home, I did not even know how I slept.”

“After having worked for 14 to 15 hours I just keep that much energy to drive back home and when you reach there you just throw yourself on the bed and next morning you realize you are up. When I went to brush, sometimes, my mask will still be hanging here.”

“I enjoyed my work so much and I enjoyed my night sleep so peacefully, but for the last 14 months, I have not slept peacefully even for one night,” said the PM referring to the strains of the PMO office in comparison to his days as a doctor.

He said that when one stands up people say it is too high and when bows down people say it is too low and when something is done then they say it is not the way.

He said there are 110 different criticisms but when one asks for effective solutions there is not even one person to give a good solution.

“Criticism is good, I absolutely don’t mind, but, with that, suggestions must come,” said the PM.

Lyonchhen said that from the side of the government, day in and day out, they are trying to see how this nation should progress.

“We wont be there it’s fine, but we need to have such a footprint in governance, which when I look back, I will have to be happy with this footprint,” said the PM.

“Personally speaking I know where I enjoyed my life and where I enjoyed my nights and it is not in this. It is in JDWNRH,” said the PM.

The Prime Minister last year said that he does academic medical rounds on Thursday mornings 7.30 am to 10 am in the wards to give advice to trainees and new doctors and surgery on Saturdays.

It has been learnt that given his now busy schedule his Thursday morning rounds only happen occasionally while he is still does surgery on Saturdays.

The Bhutanese first published a picture of the PM in his medical clothing talking to another doctor on 9th March, 2019 on the paper’s Facebook and Twitter Accounts which went viral inside and outside Bhutan.

The image was used and led to various international news articles including a CNN program on the Prime Minister who heads a government and also does medical practice for free.

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