Lyonchhen to discuss Bhutan’s non-permanent membership in the UNSC at NAM

The prime minister and senior officials of the RGOB including the minister-in charge of foreign affairs Khandu Wangchuk have left for Tehran, Iran to attend the 16th Non Aligned Movement (NAM) summit.

While at the Summit, Lyonchhen and the Bhutanese delegation will take the opportunity to discuss Bhutan’s candidature for non permanent membership in the UNSC with NAM Members and Observer States.

However Countries like the Republic of South Korea and Cambodia are also members of NAM which means these countries also might discuss their candidatures.

The 16th NAM summit was preceded with the ministerial meeting of the foreign ministers on 28th and 29th August and the senior government officials meeting from 26th to 27th August.

The Bhutanese delegates for the ministerial meeting will be led by the minister-in-charge for foreign affairs Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk while the senior government officials meeting will be led by the permanent representative of Bhutan to the United Nations in Geneva ambassador Daw Penjo from 26th to 27th August.

The theme for the 16th summit is ‘lasting peace through joint global governance’. Initially towards 1964  there was a wide spread  condemnation of western colonization  and retention of foreign military installation which shifted the focus away from essentially political issues to the advocacy of solutions to global economic and other problems.

However the movement’s main objective and goal is to ensure “the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of Non-aligned countries”. It is the largest grouping of States outside the United Nations.

The NAM was initially formed by the initiative of the former president of Yugoslavia Joseph Broz Tito in 1961 who was also awarded the Bangladesh Liberation War Honor alongside his majesty the third king Jigmi Dorj Wangchuck and others earlier this year by the Bangladesh people.

Currently the NAM consists about 115 members and 17 observer states which include the People’s Republic of China. Bhutan joined the organization in 1973.

At the 16th Summit, Iran assumes the rotating Presidency of the Non Aligned Movement for the next three years. Around 107 delegates will attend the meeting.

Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk expressed his happiness over Iran hosting the NAM summit, while adding NAM was the second most important global alliance after the United Nations which plays a very influential role in the global arena.

The movement has however received continuous criticism on its dormant activities.

The last NAM summit was held in Egypt in 2009.

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  1. I think first pm should clear domestic matter and focus on other things, 

  2. Good piece of information. Thanks to the reporter. 

    Yangzom must show her female prowess in “La Aum Lyonchhen” because some male-chauvinist is seriously undermining the intelligence and capability of women, in that discussion.  But before you further bash Hon’ble PM, you or your family combined would not make even one-millionth of Lyonchhen so please spare him for once, at least  under the article that is very neutral. 

  3. That one millionth of hemp did is so heavy for public n for our country,  would imagine what even 30percent would look like, ther would be no country left called Bhutan n people called Bhutanese, I am a freelancer, not fighting for any party.

    But My suggestion for dasho phuntsho  would be to contest election from dpt side, pm heard n other dpt heard u, u will surely get vote n then u too join them, IF U CAN’T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM

    • Yeah the moment I hear that you are contesting for a seat in NA or NC, I will transfer my census to your constituency and give my flesh and bone to stop you. Because you’d make a terrible MP. 

      • The moment I hear that u r transferring to my constituency I will ve no other option but to cancel my candidacy and my census from my village n seek asylum in Bangladesh since it is better to leave there than with people like u.

        • By the way I am veg, so sorry about ur offer but my bruno won’t mind eating ur flesh n bone, so I won’t be able to taste it n feel it. Pls read todays kuensel n check ACC www ipu will know about pm n gyelpozhing. Am waiting for ur name.

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  4. Dear all readers,Bhutan is facing continuous new challenges in this new century. Hope JYT/other party leader will fight external threats and stops intruder from India(Timber Smuggler,taking fire wood,Sand&Gravel,illegal settlement near the border,Burglary and Extortion from Goons&Maoist ,Militants & recently Islamic threats) and (Border encroachment) China.It  is happening due to absence of Boundary Fencing and porous border esp at Southern belt.Ngolop terrorist finds easy passage to carryout the bomb blast at Southern Bhutan.If we construct border fencing along the International border,RBA will be in comfortable position to patrol , monitor,search operation and  carryout encounter to  Ngolop/maoist Terrorist and other foreign Militants.Every Bhutanese should know the facts about it and overcome it.

  5. Kezang Denden

    PM’s relatives are involved in every scam that the media brings out. If he is not involved he should face the media and answer the questions case by case. Just defending himself by using the State owned media is not good enough to convince the people. Because the State owned media do not question him. 

  6. Dear Yangzom,

    Our leadership abroad and our well-being at home are inextricably linked. The summit is very crucial for Bhutan’s sovereignty. Remember that Bhutan lies in between two great nations. We are also under dire deficits and totally dependent on grants and aids etc. If you are what your name indicate, please take care of your children and mold them to become loyal citizen of Bhutan who would serve the country intelligently.

    • Thank you for refreshing my political affairs. Thank you also for so much of concern for my children. Since u r so much worried about my family, pls pay my car loan. I serve my country intelligently u pls serve with loyalty n stop being pm’s chamcha.

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