Lyonchhen visits Wangdue Dzong


Lyonchhen JYT at the Wangdue Dzong site

Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley visited the remnants of the Wangduephodrang Dzong not only as the Prime Minister but also as a keen follower of architecture.

The Prime Minister while committing once again to rebuild the Dzong also pointed out some architectural flaws and new improvements that can be made on the rebuilt Dzong.

He said that less timber and better fire security features like smoke detectors and fire alarms can make the Dzong less prone to fire. He also said that the Dzong would incorporate earthquake resistant methods to make it more resistant to earthquakes.

Lyonchhen also said that the Dzong would still retain its aesthetic beauty.

While visiting the site the Lyonchhen said the Dzong rested on the seismic zone and since a great earthquake is due reconstruction and restoration should keep in mind all such threats.

He said, “In the interest of authentic conservation, the challenge is, how we actually restore without compromising the structural strength that we now have to build.”

The Lyonchhen said that, “Though people say they can contribute labor, it might not happen, because there are not enough youth in the villages today.”

Lyonchhen expressed relief that at least the holy relics (Nangtens) have been recovered and the monks are safe.

The work to rebuild is expected to start only after conservation officials visually document the structure, by measuring and photographing them.

Lyonchhen said the Wangdue Dzong after its reconstruction will be an example of how Dzongs should henceforth be constructed in Bhutan.

Lyonchhoen also assured that there won’t be shortage of fund to rebuild the Dzong, and rebuilding will be done by the government. He announced that he has received a letter from the UN on how it can help Bhutan in rebuilding the fortress

Lyonchhoen also acknowledged the public’s interest to rebuild the Dzong and said such thoughts are enough and people will not be burdened whatsoever.

He said there is a need for the Home and Cultural Affairs to come up with detailed guidelines to save Nangtens in case of fire in the Dzong.

The Prime Minister walked extensively through the ruins surveying the damage.







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