Lyonchhen’s tour in the East

The need for more tshogpas, and merging the chiwogs of Tshatse and Dagor into one gewog have been people’s repeated plea to Lyonchhen since the first time he visited this place.

Lyonchhen told the people once again, “this has been a serious concern for a very long time but we should think of reducing the number of gewogs instead of increasing it,” adding that “earlier the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs had the prerogative to declare gewogs and boundaries. Now the Constitution does not allow this.” Lyonchhen however told the people that since this issue will have to go through a joint sitting of the parliament, he could put the matter up in the parliament.

Regarding the increase in the number of tshogpas, Lyonchhen said that there is still room for three more tshogpas since the Constitution requirement is a maximum number of 10 members in a tshogdu and currently there are seven. Lyonchhen instructed the Gewog and Dzongkhang to submit this issue to the Home Ministry.

With the completion of gewog road connectivity, Tshatse people’s plea was to black top the existing farm roads. Lyonchhen said that black topping all farm roads in the future is his and everybody’s hope. “For now black topping all Dzongkhang highways and maintaining them is government’s priority,” Lyonchhen said.

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