Major landslide in Paro – Thimphu highway

Traffic along Thimphu – Paro highway was disrupted due to a major landslide that occurred near Tamje Lhakhang about four kilometers away from Chunzom at around 7 am yesterday.

The police on site to coordinate the safety of the commuters said such sudden landslide is happening often along the Thimphu-Paro highway due to the loose soil left after the road widening

works were completed.

This has adversely impacted the geographical situation of the area, leaving it prone to such landslides, since no fortifications or protective measures put in place after the fresh cut of soil. The site is now in direct risk of potential landslide, which could prove detrimental to both lives and properties.

According Captain Penjor, the people engaged in the works are doing their best not to disrupt the traffic flow, but the boulders and debris are falling on the road the moment it is being cleared. He added that such minor block was cleared few days ago and with the major one occurred yesterday and the site has become risky for the commuters.

He said the high voltage carrying transmission lines are on the verge collapsing as the foundations are disturbed due to landslide and loose soil worsening the situation.

Further, he said that it is very risky for the commuters who use the road to travel, especially during the night time, as many hanging boulders and soils can anytime roll down to the roadside. “The drivers should be extra cautious since the lynching boulders and soils are likely to fall at any time,” he added.

Commuters complained that the landslides triggered by road cutting have become quite common and nothing much is being done to prevent it, even it is a huge risk to the people who use the road. “The highway should be taken care as it connects the capital and the international airport,” said one of the commuters.

With the help of DANTAK and police officials, a small passage was cleared shortly after the block was reported, in order to allow swift traffic flow. Meanwhile, the excavating works are still underway and the laborers at the site are working to clear the block by today.

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