Majority NC incumbents to re-contest in 2013

The majority of the first batch of National Council (NC) with their five years of experience and acquaintance with the electorate are ready to re-contest in the 2013 elections while few are yet to make up their minds.

Haa NC MP Tshering Dorji will re-contest for the upcoming elections given the encouragement from the people.

“It would be unfair on my part if I do not participate again,” he said.

Similarly, with support from the people, Lhuentse NC MP Rinzin Rinzin will also run for a second term. “I have interest to serve people in the parliament level,” he said.

He feels it would be a shame to not to run after garnering five years of experience. “I would be able to contribute more this time than before”.

Samdrup Jongkhar NC MP Jigme Wangchuk who began his career in politics feels that he should continue further in politics.

Dagana NC MP Sonam Dorji said one of the reasons for his comeback is because in 2008 he went to all the gewogs in his Dzongkhags and offered his candidature and asked for the people’s support. “After five years of experience and dealing with the people now I am getting offers from the people. This is a situation I cannot deny,” he said.

Paro NC MP Ugyen Tshering said, “in the first round people gave me honor to serve my constituency and based on what I learnt over five years, I am confident that I can be of good service.”

Mongar NC MP Naichu, willalso re-contest and takes it as a responsibility to do so.

Bumthang NC MP Tshewang Jurmi wants to continue to serve his people by re-contesting.

Trongsa MP Dr. Jagar Dorji will also re-contest for a second term.

The NC Chairperson Namgye Penjore said, “I have to complete my five years tenure and the election begins on 23 and my term finishes on 28 April”. However, he said , “I am just waiting for my term to be complete and as of now I have no mind to contest.”

Trashiyangtse NC MP NC Kesang Namgyel confirmed that he will not run in the 2013 elections.

Tshewang Lhamo, Chhukha NC MP said “I have some reservation and coming back is tentative.” She said, she will re-contest due to her interest since she started initially with NC and wants to continue with it but she has so many things to complete.

Tsirang NC MP Justin Gurung who will re-contest said “I would like to reinforce whatever experience I have in five years and I would like to apply it in my MP tenure.”

Zhemgang NC MP Pema Lhamo plans to offer her candidature because she feels that there is a need for an age balance. She said, since “all the aspiring candidates so far are mostly young i can give  age  balance of experience.”

Trashigang NC MP Sonam Kinga will re-contest for the elections and he was the first among the serving members to declare his intentions. Thimphu NC Sangay Zam was the first NC member to join politics by entering Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT).

The NC has 25 members, out of which 20 are elected by the people and five are directly appointed by His Majesty.

The Election Commission of Bhutan announced NC poll day on 23 April which was “in obedience” to the Royal Decree issued on March 9, to ensure the House is re-constituted on the date of expiry of the first council’s term on April 28.

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    NC chairman in contesting from dpt side punakha as planned by dpt gurus. Kings tshering ceo of dhi infra will replace ugyen tshering minister of foreign affairs, kinley tshering thimphu thrompon will replace yeshey zimba in 2018. This all people are somewhat related to jyt or yeshey zimba. Everything is planned. 

    Most of the ministers did their construction of house, like nc chairman, zangley just before ruppee crunch. 

  2. nc for zhemgang dzongkhag for 2013 election should have better than present candidate.even mp of bardho-trong did hardly any fare to his duty.we are not moved from where we were.any people from upper kheng can look back what much is done by this goverment for past five years.i lost hope in flattering prime minister while he recently promised to reach farm road to therang within these month in 2013 during his visit in 2012 winter.he is begging for vote again.he should not tell such big lie.blaming dzongdag alone will not serve whole purpose for farm road failure.and electrification before road arrival is another worst blunder of this goverment.people are made to work like in those roman emperor era.very tiring job to carry heavy metallic electric pole in such remote places.why not they do after farm road arrival.financially unsound,very steady in service deliver,burden to old age farmers n lost to goverment ultimately.

  3. see Namgay Penjore’s trick
    “I have to complete my five years tenure and the election begins on 23 and my term finishes on 28 April”. However, he said , “I am just waiting for my term to be complete and as of now I have no mind to contest.” this cruel chap is pretending and excited to join DPT from Kabji-Talo constituency. unlucky all the electorates, Joker Tshering Penjore has done nothing for his 5 years of term and now again we will ahve this cruel, narrow mindset to contest for our const. hope some one wise and dynamic come forward to defeat this man.

  4. If they r recontesting they should declare and come out like Aum Sangay Zam. They should not expect both butter and bread. In politics, there must be element of sacrifices accompanied by political will, otherewise they would be viewed pretentiously by the voters thsi time……

  5. I think the worst of them all the Ugyen Dorji of S/J constituency. Good god! the guy has dont nothing, i mean NOTHING for his constituency.

  6. Some of NC MPs just filled their pockets and bank balances, they did nothing; of course the election will say, like th MPs of samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag, Hope with time better candidates comes forward.

  7. Allowing them to recontest before completion of their term will undermine the free and fair election as some aspiring candidates have just completed their studies and will have no financial background/capability.

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