Males of ages 25 to 31 are worst traffic offenders with drunk driving and over speeding

Using mobile phone while driving topped the list of traffic offences between 2011 and 2016 according to a study conducted by the ministry of information and communication.

Drink driving and over speeding were the next highest offences according to the study.

The study also shows that traffic offenses are increasing gradually over the years with the increasing number of vehicles in the country.

In six years, there were 6,648 offenses of using mobile phone while driving, 5,907 for drink driving and 5,697 for over speeding.

The study found that the maximum number of offenses was recorded in 2015 with 17,239 offenses and it is more on Fridays. Drivers between the age of 25 and 31 recorded the most number of offenses, and male drivers committed 95 percent of the offenses compared to 5 percent by female drivers.

The highest numbers of offenses were recorded on Friday, Wednesday and Saturday. The study shows that unlicensed driving trends were highest in 2016 with 1,405 offences compared to 1,352 offences in 2015. Maximum unlicensed driving was recorded on Friday.

Use mobile phone while driving is common among male drivers within the age group of 27-31. For female drivers, this offense is high among drivers within 28-34 years. This offense decreases with increase in age.

The study shows that using mobile phones while driving is the most common offense for new drivers and more common among drivers with 0-5 years of experience. This also drops with increasing driving experience.

Likewise, drink driving is more frequent among drivers within the age of 26-30. The study also found that drink-driving cases decrease with increase in age and experience. Drink-driving offense starts from 0 years of driving experience.

Overspeeding is also prevalent within the ages of 26-30 and decreases with increase in age and experience. Major over speeding offense is observed among novice drivers with one and two years of experience.

The study also found that 6,244 male drivers and 433 female drivers were fined two times each during the period of the study.

For pool vehicles, carrying excess passengers, drink driving and using mobile phone are the top offenses recorded.

Measures such as public advocacy programs, introduction of smart technologies, spot inspection and compulsory refresher courses for traffic offenders were found effective. It was found that only one percent of drivers who attended the refresher course had offense records.

The study highlights the most common offences and contraventions recorded in the country and has examined the interrelationships between socio demographic characteristics of drivers and traffic offences through a Descriptive Data Mining process.

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