Man arrested for attempted rape

An 18-year old man has been detained at the community police station in Taba, Thimphu, on suspicion of attempting to rape an 18-year old woman living in Taba.

According to the police the incident took place on October 27 when the victim was returning to home after buying some bars of bathing soap. The victim lives with her uncle and aunt and looks after their new-born baby.

According to the victim, the suspect forcefully dragged her near a stream and tried to rape her. She screamed for help and when the suspect covered her mouth using his hand she bit his hand to free herself.

According to the victim’s statement to police a neighbor came out when she screamed the second time. The suspect fled when he saw an approaching torch light.

The victim said her bathroom slippers were washed away by the stream. Police recovered three bars of soap at the site of the incident and the victim’s forearms had grip marks.

The suspect, who works as a caretaker of a building in Taba, was apprehended the next day and is being held for further investigation. The suspect is from Gomdar, Samdrup Jongkhar and the victim is from Kangpara, Trashigang.

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