Man arrested for rape and murder of 19 year old

Gomtu police have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman on March 1, 2017.

An employee of Penden Cement in Gomtu, Sukman  Gurung from Phuntshopelri, was arrested on March 10. The deceased was a temporary employee in a private company.

The mother of the deceased lodged a missing person complaint on 6th March after her daughter went missing since the night of 1st March. On March 9th Gomtu police received information of an abandoned body on the Sukti riverbed. The body was identified as the missing 19 year old.

The decomposed dead body was found about 10 meters towards the right side of the riverbed near the rough road running below Lhaki Cement factory. The lower body was naked.

The deceased was also found with laceration wound on left temporal region, on the anterior neck and the right fingertips were also found missing.

On 1st March, the deceased visited her friend, a student of Gomtu MSS. That evening around 7:40 pm, the deceased asked her to accompany her as she was to meet someone and while they were waiting the deceased got a call from an unknown person and the deceased asked her friend to go home and that she will go alone to meet the person.

The deceased’s friend tried to contact her after reaching home and found her number off and later when she came to know about her missing from work, she informed the mother.

The police managed to get to the suspect through various social media apps. They found that the suspect and the deceased was in contact through facebook whereby he constantly asked the deceased to come to meet him alone.

The suspect, Sukman Gurung confessed to the crime. The suspect confessed that he was in contact with her in facebook and he took a chance to call the deceased on 1st March.

However, when the deceased tried to resist and threatened to tell his wife and shouted for help, the suspect than strangled her with his right hand whereby she became unconscious and he then raped her.

The suspect further strangulated her with the deceased’s own hand towel. After knowing she was dead, he fled the crime scene.

The suspect confessed that, he alone was responsible for the crime.

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