Man arrested for the first reported case of scratching four cars

Thimphu police has arrested a 40-year-old man in connection to malicious mischief on February 11, upon receiving a complaint from a UNDP employee stating that his car was damaged in a parking lot opposite to BNB office, Thimphu.

The suspect confessed to using a stone to scratch down the words, “Don’t act big” on one side of the car’s body. Meanwhile, on the same day, police found similar damage to three more cars parked along the Etho Metho Building Two parking area.

Police said the parking fee collector was not able to catch the suspect or get a good look the suspect.

“We couldn’t track the details of the suspect, but we were able to nap him with the information given by the informer and the man was arrested from Kawajangsa.”

The suspect has confessed to the crime. He is under detention for further investigation. Police will forward the case to OAG and the suspect will be charged for malicious mischief.

Upon interrogation with the suspect, police said that the reason he gave for doing so is out of frustration.  The man is an ex-JSS guard and he is currently unemployed. The suspect will be charged with a prison term of 1 to 3 years (misdemeanor) if found guilty.

Although there are many registered cases with regard to malicious mischief, however, the starches on car mischief is the first such case brought under the notice of the police.

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