Man detained for sexually assaulting a two year old

A 33 year old man has been detained by the police for allegedly assaulting a child aged 2 years eight months. The man was arrested on September 15 after the mother complained to police that her child had been sexually assaulted.

The mother in her complaint said that since she was engaged and could not go to pick their daughter from the ECCD centre, they requested their distant in-law to pick her up.

On reaching home, their daughter (victim) started complaining of being sexually harassed. Her mother immediately took her to hospital and lodged a complaint to police.

Police arrested the suspect on the same day. Meanwhile, as per the medical report, it was found that the victim had some genital injuries.

The suspect has however denied the allegations.

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  1. Here at Dagana no good time for Eccd la.same teacher are also not trined.

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