Man from Tshongzom who entered illegally tests negative

A 20-year-old man from Tshongzom (Malbashey) village, Samtse, had illegally entered his village after returning from Assam, India. He entered his village on 5 July after discreetly crossing the boundary wall by taking advantage of the heavy rainfall at night. The man has tested negative for COVID-19, but more tests will be done on him to be sure.

The man stated that he did not visit other places, however, he admitted of having met some of the villagers. Therefore, as a preventive measure, Tshongzom village is placed under quarantine with restricted movement, and will be closely monitored and evaluated after a week. 

The man will be tested once again within 5 to 6 days of quarantine, and later at the end of the quarantine period. The community will also be tested at the end of the movement restriction of seven days. There are a total 44 households with 469 people in Tshongzom village.

MoH requested everyone to kindly comply with the measures that the government has put in place for everyone’s safety, and report any untoward event to the local authorities.

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