Man sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his mother-in-law

A 33-year-old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of his 53-year-old mother-in-law, which occurred in October last year.

The assailant allegedly attacked the victim with a knife and firewood, resulting in her tragic death.

According to the police, the motive behind the murder was stated that she demanded Nu 18,000 from the accused, which she had reportedly paid for his child support obligations from his previous divorce.

The financial dispute escalated further as the mother-in-law insisted on her daughter divorcing the accused. There had been a longstanding tension within the family.

The accused’s decision to resort to murder underscored the intensity of the familial discord and the extreme measures he was willing to take to address the situation.

The incident happened in Semji village of Nubi Gewog, and it was reported that the suspect was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

In addition to the murder charge, the perpetrator faces accusations of burglary. He is alleged to have unlawfully entered a residence in Chendebji, where he reportedly stole a mobile phone.

Following the heinous act, the suspect managed to evade authorities and remained at large, attempting to escape arrest. However, after a thorough 13-day search operation, the police successfully apprehended him in Wangdue Phodrang around November 2023

The case, which involves the alleged murder of the mother-in-law, was forwarded by the police in Trongsa to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution in December 2023.

Subsequently, a verdict was reached on 7th February 2024, condemning the accused to life imprisonment.

Additionally, the judgment mandates the convicted individual to provide compensation exceeding Nu. 200,000 to the grieving family of the deceased.

The convict has appealed against the verdict at the higher court.

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