Man stabbed in a fight, two suspects caught

A 22-year old man is currently recovering from a stabbing wound after undergoing an operation at the JDWNR hospital.

The victim was referred from Phuentsholing General Hospital on the evening of Sunday after the incident, which had taken place at around 4:30 pm on the same day.

The initial report from the Police stated that, one woman named Sonam Dema had called the victim and also the two other men to come and meet her at the Mani Dungkhor (prayer wheel) near the bridge.

The two suspects were identified as a 20-year old driver and the other a 19-year old student from one of the schools in Punakha.

The statement given to police by the two men who are currently in the detention cell, said that they were called by the girl to whom they were known. The 20-year old driver had gone directly to meet the girl who was then at the crime scene with another girl and some men around.

While the 20-year old was talking with the woman, somebody had attacked him from behind. When he looked back, he had found more than four to five men.

Meanwhile, his 19-year old friend who had gone to look for a taxi to Wangduephodrang had seen his friend getting beaten up and had rushed to the scene but only to get beaten up himself.

During the course of the fight, the 20-year old had taken a Swiss knife and while trying to stab those who attacked him he unfortunately, stabbed the 22-year old victim in the stomach.

The two suspects in their statement to police had written that they had not seen the 22-year old man at the crime scene before the fight broke out. In a verbal statement to the police the 22-year old had said that he was called by a woman named Sonam to meet her and he had gone there to meet her.

However the cause of the fight is unknown and the Police are still looking for the woman who had called the men.

The victim was taken to the hospital by a passerby in a taxi.

One police officer who was on duty had seen three men beating a man and before the officer could catch hold of the culprits, they had fled the scene. But the police managed to catch the two men.

The officer in-charge of the Phuentsholing police station said they might be able to come to a conclusion on the cause of the fight and identify the unknown miscreant who had started the fight with the arrest of the woman who had called the men.

“We have got the details and the photograph of the woman and we will arrest her anytime. The woman might tell us the root cause of the fight and we are also waiting for the victim to recover to get his statement” the OC added.

This is the first stabbing case recorded in the Phuentsholing town this year.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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