Many chinks in the Gyelpozhing armor

The Prime Minister in a press release (full version on page 3) defended himself and his minister’s on the Gyelpozhing land grab case which is currently under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Bhutanese, however, found that several of the arguments put forward in the press release did not match with the ground reality and the relevant laws. The press release also posted documents which in places contradicted the Prime Minister.

The press release said that the Royal Kidu issued in 1987 stopping unilateral urban land allotment was lifted gradually with the 1991 Circular of Late Dasho Dorji Tenzin of Ministry of Social Services (Works and Human Settlement) first. This was later followed by a verbal Royal command issue to Mongar Dzongda Dasho Karma Dorji in August 1998 in connection to allotment of plots in Mongar. In both communications Dzongkhag committees could allot urban plots land based on certain criteria with the final approval coming from the government. It also says that if Gyelpozhing land allotment is declared illegal all townships in the country will become illegal.

This paper, however, has found that the 1987 Kasho is still found to be in effect because the 1991 Circular and the 1998 Royal order pertains to allowing the Dzongkhag committee and the government to allot urban plots based in proper rules and criteria which were violated in the case of Gyelpozhing.

Once proper government rules and procedures were not followed in Gyelpozhing and plots were allotted in an ad-hoc manner the 1987 Royal Kasho on land prohibiting ad-hoc allotment of land was automatically violated. Only His Majesty the King can allot land outside normal government procedures as Kidu land and any allotment not respecting this is a violation of Royal Kashos.

In the case of Gyelpozhing when allotment was done from 2001-2003, both the 1991 Circular of Late Dasho Dorji Tenzin and the 1998 Royal order were violated.

The covering letter of Late Dasho Dorji Tenzin’s circular acknowledges that the late secretary received a letter from His Majesty the King about the allotment of commercial plots and township development. The late Dasho Dorji Tenzin says that he is attaching a circular as per His Majesty’s command. He says the public should abide by it and all work should be done as per the circular.

However, In Gyelpozhing all three provisions in the circular pertaining to plot allotments were violated which directly violated Royal Command and also the 1987 Kasho.

The circular says, “Preference for the allotment of commercial plots within a township should be given only to those persons who own and operate legal shops in the given township.”

None of the influential beneficiaries owned or operated legal shops in the township area. Far from having a shop in the area, they did not even have business licenses. This is while many local businessmen with valid business licenses could not get plots in spite of having applied for it.

The circular also says, “Should there be more than one competitor for a particular plot, the allotment of such plots to any of the individual should be decided on lottery basis.”

In earlier interviews to the Media, residents of Gyelpozhing claimed that of the three phases for land allotment in Gyelpozhing town, only the first phase was allotted through a lottery and that too in a controversial manner.

The people claim that the second and third phase of allotments never happened though people with business licenses applied. They say the plots were instead allocated directly to influential people.

A former tshogpa, Tshering, who was there during the land allotment, said that during the initial first phase of land allotment, a lucky draw was done in public. Based on the lucky draw, 24 prime plots were then distributed to the people that had business licenses. However, soon after allotting the land, the government officials took back the allotted plots. The same plots that had already been allotted were again put up for another lucky draw. To the surprise of many, in this redone lucky draw, business people and residents who had earlier received prime plots near the road saw their plots being taken away. They later found that these plots were given to influential people.

As additional evidence of foul play a BBS interview done on 15 September 2011 quoted the former Mongar Town Tshogpa and land allotment committee member, Tshewang Rinzin, saying, “We were just asked to sign on a pre-prepared list of names and plots. We were not told who will be getting the plots and on what criteria they were being given the plots.”

The circular of the late secretary also says, “Construction works for commercial buildings should start within a period of one year from the time of allotment.”

However, except for the former Dzongda Karma, none of the influential people had started construction even after 10 years since they were allotted the plots. Local people who got plots were asked to start construction within six months.

The circular of the late secretary based on royal command does not have any provision in it which states that the Royal Kasho of 1987 has been withdrawn or over-ruled.

A copy of this circular was sent to the Zhabtog Lyonpo (MoWHS Minister), all Dzongdas, all Thrompons and the BCCI. It was based on this circular that land was allotted fairly in Khuruthang in 1996 and in Mongar town in 1998 both before Gyelpozhing.

In Gyelpozhing rules were not followed despite the 1987 Kasho, 1991 circular and five letters sent by the former Director General of DUDES, Tshering Dorji, to the Mongar Dzongda Jigme Tshultim saying that the allotments were illegal, violated government procedure and the 1987 Royal Kasho.

In the case of 1998 Royal order and allotment of plots in Mongar Town by Dasho Karma Dorji the proper criteria similar to the one in 1991 was followed whereby Kasho cases and people with valid business licenses were given plots.

The 1998 letter by Dasho Karma Dorji in the end says, “A list of allottees (Mongar Town) is attached herewith, besides the commercial plots the committee has also approved the allotment of residential plots…The list is attached herewith. We would now like to request you for conveying formal approval of the government.”

The above sentence shows that even after Dzongkhag committees allotted land as per procedure the criteria and allotments had to undergo a final clearance from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

In Gyelpozhing the committee not only did not follow proper allotment procedures but also did not get clearances from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement despite repeated reminders being sent.

The Prime Minister’s argument that all townships will be declared illegal if Gyelpozhing allotment is also declared illegal does not hold water. This is because the first major land allotment exercise carried out by the government following all proper rules was Khuruthang, Punakha, in 1996 and Mongar town in 1998. Both were done before the Gyelpozhing incident.

After the Gyelpozhing allotment, the next major allotment was done in 2008 for Bajothang where strict allotment rules were followed in consultation with MoWHS. Land was allotted only after clearance was given.

The Prime Minister in the press release said the allegation that many farmers were deprived of their valuable land and not given compensation is not true. He said that all 37 households who owned land in Gyelpozhing project area were fully compensated not only for land but also for structures and crops. He also said that the Dzongkhag had not received any complaints.

The Bhutanese found that no investigative story on Gyelpozhing ever alleged that farmers had not been compensated the then government rates for their land or structures. The complaint was that people who lost land and were eligible did not get their plots or lost out to influential plot holders.

The Prime Minister said that the land across the river belonged to the Kurichu Hydropower Project Authority which was all transferred to the Dzongkhag to build the new town.

One of the most controversial aspects of the Gyelpozhing case is that government land across the river which was no part of the Gyelpozhing town was acquired and allotted with 1 acre to Lyonpo Zimba, 50 decimals to Lyonchhen and 50 decimals to Lyonpo Leki among others.

The Bhutanese found that official town plans cleared by the government only included Gyelpozhing town proper and the land across the river was never meant to be allotted.  The then Ministry of Communication and now MoWHS has never cleared a town plan that included land across the river.

In fact in a letter dated 12/10/2001 the Director General of DUDH expresses his inability to convey approval for allotment of few plots, “which have been allotted but do not appear in the Gyelpozhing Layout Plan.”

The former Dzongda Lhakpa Dorji who did the acquisition had not acquired this land as it was outside the town plan. Also in most town allotments the standard size of a plot is 11 to 13 decimals but the land across the river were not plots but given away in chunks.

As this land was not part of the Gyelpozhing town plan it fell outside the urban allotment area. Its allotment not only violated the 1987 Royal Kasho on land but all other Royal Kasho’s prohibiting land to be allotted in such a manner.

The Prime Minister said that he was not the Home Minister at the time but the Foreign Minister and hence exercised no administrative control over the Dzongda Jigme Tshultim.

The Prime Minister was the Foreign Minister from mid 1998 to mid 2003. From mid 2003 to 2007 Lyonchhen was the Home Minister.  The Gyelpozhing saga dragged on mainly between 2001-2003 due to the controversial nature of the allotments and constant letters being shot by the then Department of Urban Development and Housing (DUDH) under the Communications Ministry calling the allotments illegal. In May 2002 the DUDH shot a letter to the Dzongda calling the plots illegal and asking for details.

When the Prime Minister took over as the Home Minister he was in the position to be aware of all the Royal Kashos and also undo the Gyelpozhing plot allotments. He chose not to do so. Even before that as the Foreign Minister the Prime Minister was a member of the cabinet along with Lyonpo Zimba and both were well aware of the Royal Kasho’s and also that land was being allotted in Gyelpozhing.

The National Land Commission also only recently had re-measured the Gyelpozhing plots under the cadastral resurvey and regularized them.

The Prime Minister in his press release said that he and other ministers were persuaded to apply for plots by the then Dzongda who hoped that ‘influential’ people could help influence others to return and invest in interior Bhutan.

However, far from bringing in investment the plots of ‘influential’ people are being blamed for slowing development in the town as most plots are vacant with the only benefit accruing to influential plot owners through speculative land value.

This is in violation of the government rule of the time that plots have to be built within one year’s time.

Except for the former Dzongda Karma, none of the influential people had started construction even after 10 years since they were allotted the plots. Local people who got plots were asked to start construction within six months.

The government which had maintained a stony silence on the issue in the last few months has come out with an aggressive media campaign after a senior election commission official on the condition of anonymity said that prospective candidates who have criminal cases registered in court or are convicted cannot contest in 2013 as per the election laws

However, what could come as bad news for the government is that the Anti-Corruption Commission, investigation into the Gyelpozhing land grab, has found, that most of the facts in the initial media reports on Gyelpozhing are true.





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  1. prime minister

    i will accept that my government commited corruption and would like to withdraw from 2013 election.coz Stupid Jigme Tsheltrim in the prision………
    it is time for government to accept your corruption.get ready to go for all penalty.
    why to defend all the time. now media have proved 99%

  2. I hope ACC upholds the truth! If governments feels that theBhutanese has misinformed then they must have passed RTI so that newspapers can get the accurate information. If this is true then those people who are involved must be uprooted. Or if theBhutanese is miss-informing the people and defaming government then theBhutanese must be dealt according to the Law of the land.

    Anyways I salute theBhutanese news paper.

  3. Well written, I knew Mr. JYT was beating around the bush. They are corrupt ones. 

  4. Your intentions are now becoming clearer. The Government has made it very clear to the country, and we are satisfied with the justifications provided. Stop trying to create disharmony in the country.

    • Your are another stupid man Dolay,
      This justification is given by PM to save himself and his government from all their misdeeds as secound round is knocking at the door. But i dont think that their justification will clear their road as its very foggy by looking at the condition. God sees truth but waits,so let us wait and see.

  5.  A fantastic piece of news article.  The issue seems to run much deeper than it appears on the surface. Hope other media outlets too will do their side of the stories. The story exposes how deep and well connected /orchestrated everything is in our happy country!

    As for the town planning, the final verdict always laid with the urban planning/central line ministry and NOT with the dzongkhag.

    As a citizen, I feel deeply concerned with the way things are today. The worst thing is such practices are done my MOSTLY by the educated, powerful and influential!

    A disturbed citizen.

  6. My goodness. I hope the cabinet and especially PM will now not waste his time trying to clarify things because this paper with TL as its lead role will not buy it no matter what. In fact readers like me are becoming more irritated.

  7. Excellent and bravo work bhutanese. I now feel that I can live in this country, my children can live in corrupt free society

  8. There is someone at least making a history of uncovering the highest level of corruption involving highest gentelman for the first time in history, which is the worok of so called ACC which they gladly nd willingly failed to dope so. Why this case is so important is that it will set and example in our country that even PM can do corruption and will be arrested. 
    This is case is so imporatant and it will determine our future of corrupt free society and tell every bhutanese that from peon to PM all will be prosecuted. 
     The outcome of this case will tell me what future I want to give to my children, talking and selling GNH concept to wetern countries is not enough. 
    Old ministers like zimba, om, dawa, dago, Leki, goonglen, etc should be thoroughly scrutinized to see their unimaginable wealth gained by exercising their power.

  9. The ball is now in the ACC’s court. We now eagerly wait to see how they ‘KICK’ it.

  10. Kinley Yangzoom

    Excellent response and factual response by BT. Well done. 

    One question BT need to ask PM and the cabinet is why only few selected people out of 6 lakh bhutanese people were persuaded to apply for plot in Gyalposhing. If there is some opportunity like that, it has to be publicly announced and fair opportunity to be given to all either to apply or to participate in the lottery. Only silently persuading the influential people and that too cabinet ministers and other highly influential people to apply for plot and the these law making people accepting to take plots is GROSS AND OPEN CORRUPTION. 

  11. Palden Drukpa!

    Nice piece of article…well informed and well organised.
    So what more you got to say JYT? When your intelligence doesn’t work in convincing people of your mistake, you try to confuse them with your bullshit.

    No wonder why rich and poor gap is growing wider in country of GNH…..

  12. Good job to expose big corruption. The guilty should be punished by the law of land even if its the ‘PM’ or the ‘monk’. Thanks to media and democracy for unveiling the truth and voicing against corruption. DPT zero tolerence to corruption is happening now. All those corrupts need to be uprooted, and make Bhutan a safe and blessed country.

    If media reports and accusations are targeted to defame them, then why are they trying to clarify media,and not filing law suit against the accusers. Baseless clarifications…


  14. why cant jyt show a moral resposibilities and resigned and seek freh mandates if he thinks he is clean? this is how democratic govt functions.
    ACC must not sigh away with decisions, unless i hope dasho neten not aspiring for Minister berth.

  15. The old foxes behave as if they have reached to the present position on their own. They don’t realize that it is the miracle created by civil servants and voted to power.

    They buy land from the poor people in the name of project and divide among themselves and now trying to defend themselves which holds no water.

    No matter whether land grabbing has happened about decades back or not it has to be dug out and guilty penalized. They think Bhutanese people are foolish and they never thought that one day Bhutan will embrace democracy and their misdeeds will be dug out. Now with people’s power anything can happen and they should be ready for the consequences.

    Is everybody satisfied the way PM justified/clarified about Gyelpozhing land case? I am certainly not, why:
    (1) He says it is kurichu hydro power project area which means government land. He knows that government land cannot be sold or purchased, why was he involved in its transaction?
    (2) It is also justified to put in economic growth of the area by influential people, where has they put in their resources to develop Gyelpozhing into a viable commercial area? The area they bought is left still under develop whereas poor people are given an ultimatum to start construction within certain period. (3) Another laughable is Jigme Tshuelthrim, the then dzongda of mongar told them to apply for plots, is this the property that jigme tshuelthrim inherited from his ancestors that he can distribute like hot cakes and pm being the home minister during that period of time should have advised his dzongda and he himself should have refrained from applying for the plot as it is against the land act & Royal Kasho.

    Now I came to know what people say about two different rules, one for the rich/elite and influential and another for the poor common people. If it is in India the corrupted leaders should have been forced to quit and put behind the bar. With democracy and people’s right, anything can happen but at least not to the extreme of going to streets shouting anti-government slogan right now.

  16.  PM’s justification of Dzongda asking influential people to invest in Gyelposhing is childish excuse. We know everyone of us are eager to own a piece of land where we grew up. We would have applied for the plots too , after the allotment of plots to local license holders and the previous landowners , local people should have been given a chance. We know these rich people in Thimphu thought it is a good opportunity for them to mint money. PM should have been better off keeping the silence rather than giving the most stupid excuses, he thinks  we are fools or what ???? I pity DPT.

  17. People of Bhutan should not forget that PM has proved him self how much guilt he has, The press released regarding the Gyelosing land scam is just an excuse to come back in 2013.
    Please dont forget that DPT has done enough corruption, they have laid the foundation of new democracy with corruption with the aim of zero tolerance in corruption.
    Can Bhutan be called as GNH country? When innocents peoples land are being taken by high profile including PM.

  18. Initially i thought this paper is doing good job, now i have the feeling that it is over reporting. Anyway lets see how far DPT can be defamed. I won’t be surprised to see DPT forming Ruling party once more. 

  19. Should we think of experience then experience makes us think. The experience ot having said something may be a result of having expereinced a a thing that falls within the hedonistics of the case. People are almost sure, had the prime minister not been guilty he would probably not pen such press releases. Guilty mind is always conscious and DPT mind is late-conscious.
    No wonder everyone is lame, some are blind and we are visioned. Everyone is waiting for their government to lift the ‘ban of adverst’ to theBhutanese, when they become conscious of such heniuos crimes agains media, anyone who mouthed ‘for the move’ will have same mouth in monkey’s shape.

    Some are yet to realize talking against a reporter when bad stories of good corruptions are exposed is opposed to talking agains a politician, while talking for the politician is against TSA-WA-SUM, no one believes talking against media is ‘for TSA-WA-SUM’

  20. 1. We are losing our respects to LJYT with whom I had immense respect for his leadership and concerns for the people.
    2. Of late, he starts to defend some of the corrupt practices, for insance Gyelposhing land scam, if he has the guts and moral principle, he needs to accept some of the wrongdoing with the scam in the Gyelposhing.
    3. They had been able to fool the simple and innocent villagers, the people in this kind of forum are not innocent- they ware well informed, educated, they convey their views with cetain ideology and information gathered. LJYT justification posted on the Cabinet Secretariat, especially those four attachments are directly against the statement made by the LJYT. The contents of the letters from late Dasho Dorji Tenzin and Secretary for HM do not support of whtat LJY has said to the graduates during the orientation. In fact these two letters strongly adivse the Committee to follow the criteria which they have violated it. This is a big surprise to us.
    4. With regard to land compensation at Denchi, some other owners in Duksum and other Dzongkhags may request the government to pay more than what was initially agreed. The increased payment may not be necessarily same as those in Denchi case, for instance the land compensation in Duksum may come to around Nu. 7,500 per decimal and Hejo may be much more. I think LJYT is under tremendous pressure not to accept the facts of the corruption committed by his colleagues in the party. Lyonpo Y Jimba can afford to buy land from Gyelposhing with illegal means, we thought this man is a clean man, but he too seems to be one who likes to fool the innocent villagers and the Royal government. Please remember that we will not be satisfied at all till the justice is done and the land acquired by them is publicly auctioned. You cannot fool us all the time, very disgusting.

  21. Tenzin Lamsang+OL=Disharmony

    When the Prime Minister took over as the Home Minister he was in the position to be aware of all the Royal Kashos and also undo the Gyelpozhing plot allotments. He chose not to do so. Even before that as the Foreign Minister the Prime Minister was a member of the cabinet along with Lyonpo Zimba and both were well aware of the Royal Kasho’s and also that land was being allotted in Gyelpozhing.

    This land is biggest crap of TL

  22. from reading the series of articles, the reporter seems to have wanted to become a criminal judge at the RCJ with the turquoise kabney, which clearly draws inspiration to your papers logo colour in the near turquoise green. if you had a formal legal background, you do very well into finding out the legal meaning of each ordinary word. this seems like a movie screenplay where the defence and the prosecutor show their wits before ultimately one proves more intelligent over other simply by the advantage of “linguistic ability” irrelevant of the truth.

  23. Wow…The Bhutanese is doing a great job. Bravo, The Bhutanese…a wake up call to the people…People, plz. support The Bhutanese…but the involvement of the PM is shocking…considered him a role model until now…

    • I don’t see any point for us to discuss futher on this issue whether or not to side with the Bhutanese or JYT unless findings from ACC is through. If the ACC is true to their profession of fulfilling the public mandate of their constitutional sacred responsibility, then we are bound to have a true picture of this so called Gyelpozhing Scam. Thereafter, we shall wait for the Lottery Scam results which is one of the worst SCAM of our times.

      • The "TRUE" Bhutanese

        I agree! We need a break from these stories. I feel like throwing out!!! At the end, it will be the ACC report ONLY which will have bearing..nothing else, really!

        • But what is the Anti Corruption Commission doing? Sleeping on
          Aum Neten’s too scared when it comes to LJYT and his cronies…
          Small fishes at the Dzongkhag level is more her comfort zone… Sad but true…

  24. I am sure our Fourth King is nodding his head. 

  25. If it is not karma, la ju dre, what is it? The very fear factor of land grabbing which propelled DPT to power in the last election is starting to haunt it. A fruit, ripe with negative karma is about to fall. What can save its fall?

  26. my simple opinion would be to auction it at a base of the valued cost and pay the owner the difference with the lease and penalty.

  27. Shameless people is disguise. What a tragedy.

  28. I have got only one problem with PM’s response. He should not have described the reporter. It really sounds like TL and PM are at war. 

  29. The "TRUE" Bhutanese

    As someone said somewhere on this website, I too feel that this paper is over-reporting. Most of the time, when I read The Bhutanese, I don’t feel like I am reading a newspaper. It’s like reading complaint letters or audit reports. It’s amazing how fast democracy has made us bold..

    Some countries do not have so much media freedom but they are doing great. I say great, as countries, in the world! Now I get scared of too much information flowing around, I get scared of this thing called “Right to Information”. We have so much information already, and we got brave like never before. Media should not prove to be detrimental to the country’s long-term peace and harmony through what they report or how they do it. Media should, and can, strengthen the most professional, ethical and responsible manner.

    Trowa, Denchi, Gyalpozhing…blah blah blah…I am tired of listening to the same news, same allegations..week after week. Be it from The Bhutanese or The Government. And I know it won’t get us anywhere. Because The Bhutanese is neither a court nor an anti-corruption agency. It’s a newspaper firm. In all fairness, I sincerely feel we should let the ACC do its investigations in peace. Their findings will be apolitical and un-biased, something true that people can believe. If at all media wants to put pressure, put it on ACC to expidite their investigations…

    We are all Bhutanese, let’s be TRUE ones. Let’s love our country intelligently, as His Majesty recently remarked.

    • i absolutely agree with you!

    • The “TRUE” Bhutanese = “The true chamcha of JYT and DPT”.

      • The "TRUE" Bhutanese

        If my critique about TB going a bit over board makes you think that I am a chamcha of DPT or JYT, I am utterly sorry about your sense of judgement. Have I said a word in my article to defend them? For this very reason I am scared about all these scams and stories…because people might jump to their own conclusions (like you) without even reading and analyzing properly what is written, or perhaps not being able to! Cheers.

    • Tshewang Tashi

      May be the part of this story pinches you and reflecting ur own personality of being corrupted. Truth must be told…………

      • The "TRUE" Bhutanese

        Yes Tshewang, the truth must be told..and justice should prevail. No arguments here. But the truth must be told by a constitutionally erected office like that of RAA or ACC. Not by a commercially (and perhaps politically) driven newspaper house. All these stories pinch me indeed…not because JYT may be proven wrong but because the society at large could be driven into chaos and disharmony when people are fed with more information than what they can digest…every reader may not be as qualified as you and me to be able to make the head or tail of all that is written. In essence, what I was saying is that it may be better if we let ACC finish their investigations..if you think that reflects a corrupt personality in me, I can only assume that you are more personally involved than I am in these stories.

      • The “True” Bhutanese…

        You are fed up with this newspaper because you are so used to reading ‘Manhatanised’ news in all other 10 newspapers. It would be very fair for you to question why other newspapers are not doing their job. They are not doing it because of fear of loosing few Ngultrums that they get from government ads if they do on such issues…

        Appreciate it carefully… I will give you anything if you can do a news like this… never in Bhutan’s history!

        • The "TRUE" Bhutanese

          Sangay, please read by the word..I think it’s important! I haven’t said I am fed up with the newspaper (frankly, I am not!). All I said is this: “Trowa, Denchi, Gyalpozhing…blah blah blah…I am tired of listening to the same news, same allegations..week after week. Be it from The Bhutanese or The Government.” By the way thanks for your offer..but I really don’t think I can do a news like this. News???

      • “…….that this paper is over-reporting. “. Till now the papers were all govt. mouth piece and never reported anything related to the corruptions .Now a man called TL with balls have come forward to give us clear pictures of corruptions and all you say it is over-reporting?? You should be supporting him as a true Bhutanese. F**K You man….

        • The "TRUE" Bhutanese

          Your choice of words shows your self-esteem (but not your bravery!). You can write thousands of such words but know that it doesn’t affect me in any way..because we are all virtual out here. I don’t use such words (not that I can’t) because I was not brought up and taught that way. Anyways, I can tell that we are man of different worth, and we contribute on this forum for different reasons. Hence I won’t argue with you hereafter, and waste my valuable time. If you wish, you can go on…forever…if that is how you derive satisfaction in life! Period!!!

  30. Are all the documents uploaded in the cabinet web site authentic? The copy of letter from Dasho Pema Wangchen dated 1989 is computer printed. Did we have computers, printing and above all typing facilities available in Dzongkha then? Moreover, the letter is not signed by Dasho Wangchen. These questions keep me guessing. Hope ACC verifies the genuineness of all these letters.

  31. I want to share with TB this quote by Truman. “I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.” Harry S Truman.

  32. Pako shub nagzey ten is what Tenzing Lamsang did. Bravo. No matter what justification PM and his cronies come up with, the fact is that land grab took place over ruling HM the 4th Drukgyalpo and land laws.
    Who will punish this hypocrites?

  33. Best thing about the DPT? Well, they have been taking all the Bhutanese for a ‘joy ride’ for 5 long years…so enjoy the ride guys!!

  34. It is so unfortunate that our country is being ruled by few sly foxes. All the citizen of this country should join hands to root these Hippocratic politician out in the coming election. I believe that Aum Neten has got some golden opportunity to catch few big fishes. I am sure she will work as per the law of this country and punish those guilty.

    Keep up the good work Tenzin Lamzang and the team. We are proud of you all!!!!

  35. Straight Questions to “The Bhutanese” and the “BBS”. Could these two medias ask or clarify from LJYT as to how do the letter of late Dorji Tenzin and Secretary of 4th HM attached with the Press Release in the website of the Cabinet Secretariat support the grabbing of the land by these Ministers from Gyelposhing.

    To my understanding, they have directly violated these four attachments posted in the Cabinet Secretariat Website. The question is, is DPT trying to fool us. In the Press Release of LJYT states, there are evidences in the website of Cabinet Secretariat, to my surprise after reading them from its website, I could not but genuinely felt very sad as LJYT has no tool to defend but even those documents which JJYT knew that they do not support to his statements were put as evidence as he has no other choice. Sometimes, I sincerely feel pity with LJYT as he is trying his best to defend his members in the DPT, but he knows and must be feeling guilty of defending his wrong colleagues.

    I have never seen LJYT will be in this difficult position, but personally I will never in my life betray him for one quality- a man of far sightedness with immense wisdom, who care for his citizens, brought many benefits to this country. He has not been directly involved with Chang Ugyen’s case and Trowas Theatre, I am sure the law will take its own course. But for Gyelposhing, it is our appeal to LJYT to somehow close it and find middle way to resolve it as LJYT has somehow personally becomes party to it as he has been hooked by some of the former Dzongdag. Any way, may LJYT be able to sort out from the Gyelposhing grip…. and continue to regain the respect of his subject. I for one can forgive LJYT provided the Gyelposhing illegally owned is publicly auctioned…………….

  36. Please don’t throw stones by living in glass houses ourselves. We are all collectively responsible for all the irresponsible actions, past and present. No man is an island, and so, LJYT is not solely responsible for all the scams-Gyelpoizhing, Trowa, Chang Ugyen, Denchi, Chokhortoed, etc… Let him complete his term as Bhutan’s first elected PM in peace and with dignity. He deserves to live in peace after all these years of his service to the people of Bhutan.

  37. Great job ! ! 
    This is the boldest and personally the most scariest jobs, The Bhutanese has done. Other papers too for the sake of our country bring this out loud.  I read PM’s clarifications, and my god the explanations are so childish, the citizens are not more illiterate or stupid.   
    On one hand it is good The Bhutanese could expose such bad practices, on the other it is sad our PM, with whom we had faith, has failed us. I actually commended his work in taking GNH to that level. It is really really sad. His past greed has now backfired – it is his Karma.  And he is still doing…some men (private), he took on govt. money, to attend the conference in US have gone missing!! I hope The Bhutanese is bringing out this too.  I hope many more such things come out, all corrupt are penalized.
    So then we can start anew as corrupt free nation ruled by a clean government.   

  38. The guilty people involved in land grab will be haunted even after their term is over forget about living in peace. I want them see walking to court like any other ordinary citizens for the day they created.

  39. If this is ever true to the point then WE (the people) must ask the government and the PM to immediately step down…before 2013…or else the tide won’t be able to keep it under control….

  40. I salute to theBhutanese newspaper. This is what its called the call of duty for the nation. I hope theBhutanese will keep on informing the people on the ground realities which is invisible to many. Lets make Bhutan a corrupt free country(atleast minimize it).
    God bless theBhutanese!!

  41. Can I steal the ‘ball’ from ACC’s court to play on the way to my office on Tuesdays!

  42. Whether PDP or DPT, I am strongly against those people who are corrupt and trying to put their weight, misuse of authority and power, for instance in getting the land from Gyelposhing by Ministers through illegal means.

    1. I have been following the media on Gyelposhing’s case.
    2. Thanks to PM’s clarification on the Gyelposhing land scandal. This Press Release of LJYT in the media and Website of Cabinet Secretary reveal lots of violations of criteria and by-laws applicable for land. In fact the very Press Release of LJYT is back-firing these land grabbers. I think, this truly reflects that “truth cannot be hidden”.
    3. In response to the LJYT’s Press Release by “The Bhutanese”, we appreciate your precise clarification which is backed up by the facts instead of generalising the issues which was the case in the Press Release of LJYT. We have read your clarification many times and also went through the Press Release to really get depth of it.
    4. The conclusion is, it is quite unfortunate that these Ministers and Dzongdags have seemed to have completely violated the criteria for their vested interest; gross misuse of power which is clear indication of cent percent of conflict of interest. This is a case same as those of Gelephu land case- where people have been jailed including Dasho Drangpon. Unless we have two laws, there is no question of bringing this Gyelposhing issues through same process of Gelephu case.
    5. We are convinced that something has fatally gone wrong with the allotment of Gyelposhing land case. It is easier for simple village folks to be made silent, but not the educated citizens, medias, ACC, RAA, Courts and other law enforcing agents. Finally, we want “The Bhutanese” to continue to inform the citizens with facts which you have been doing so far.

  43. JYT is from my constituency..i had such a respect and loyalty to him…i am not gonna vote for him next time….he has betrayed the whole Bhutanese citizen by giving the indirect and diplomatic explanations…..we are hurt….

    • NimD must be one big idiot. Everyone knows that when it comes to Dasho Neten – no one can compare in moral courage or absolute netutrality.

      he cant jump into action just because politically motivated person like you think that someone is guilty. She has to be convinced and to do that she must consider and study all charges and clarifications. She cant be like Alice in Wonderland beheading everyone anytime you wish her to do so.

  44. brownfoxx
    If there is someone better than JYT make sure that u vote for him/her. Bhutan must have the best after all we will be the ones who will be most affected by our choice of leader.

  45. Only your constituency people benefited.

  46. Hon’ble PM accepted the land when it was offered to him back then despite knowing that it was illegal. This act makes him equally guilty as the Hon’ble Speaker. Despite everything happening, they still don’t accept this wrongdoing and never volunteered to surrender the land back. You all should be ashamed of yourself. What kind of examples you are setting? 

  47. While going through these episodes, I have now begun to realize the essence of democracy. All the wrongdoings of individuals will be automatically stored in the store of conciousness and will have face the effect according to its cause. Every action has a commensurate effect and if we r true Buddhist and proponent of GNH, we all should be governed by the priciple of law of cause and effect.

  48. good arguments. continue the discussion so that the ACC will have all the facts and figures through direct and indirect means

  49. In the END lets hope TRUTH prevails and the GUILTY punished accordingly.

  50. LJYT commented stated that if the land allotment done by Monggar Dzongda for Gyelposhing is illegal, then all land allotment in other Dzongkhags are illegal the reason being that in other Dzongkhags too, land allotment is done by Dzongdags. How can LJYT generalise things in a random manner. We believe, the issue pertains to not following the criteria laid down in the documents while allotting the land to Ministers. It does not mean that Dzongdags can allot any land by violating some criteria and norms.

    To make the things more clear, for instance the Thimphu Dzongdag advertised two positions for recruitment and he has appointed his two sisters from a pool of say 35 applicants despite these two sisters were in the last rank during the selection process. Say, somehow this had come to the notice of the ACC and considered the action taken by the Thimphu Dzongda illegal as some prevailing criteria and norms have not been followed. Then on the logic of PM’s justification of Gyelposhing land case, if recruitment of Thimphu Dzongkhag is illegal for this particular case, then all recruitment in other Dzongkhags done by Dzongdags to be considered illegal.
    The point is, how can the recruitment, land allotment and other activities carried out by all Dzongdags considered as illegal, unless they have violated the criteria, rules and other norms as in the case of illegal land allotment of Gyelposhing. Therefore, our LJYT has belittled his intelligence and common sense.

    • Well could you tell us, what the criteria was. Hon’ble PM reiterated the land allotments were done by the committee where Dzongda was a chairman and it was done according the criteria that was set. The paper did not report as breach of criteria but that Dzongda allotted land against the Royal Decree. The paper did not give much effort to study the whole process altogether. If it found a small avenue for accusations, it just amplified through use of derogatory terms such as scam, grab and corruptions. Since the paper reported as Dzongkhag committee allotted land – and that act was illegal since they did not have power to do so.  Is it therefore not right to correlate that this paper assumed that whole land allotments in the country were illegal? Could you elaborate on the criteria with specific quotes so that we can see if there was a real breach of law. 

      We must also be informed that lands were allotted but not for free.  The paper also leaves room that wherever lands were allotted, people did not have to pay.  And your analogy really did not fit well. Good try though, I understood what you were trying to tell us. 

      • Did u also get free land from pm sounds like that u r a great fan of pm and ministers. U seems to self claim analyzing a lot. R u working in Dhi as analyst if not please apply we need analyst like u. Another option, open a newspaper from ministers funding and dance to their tune u will surely fit their company. 

  51. If you need further and detail clarification wait for ACC report or if you do not have patience ask TL author of the story.

  52. Motor Bike Mechanic

    Thank god! Finally, I am relieved now after waiting so long to know on G/Zhing land scam. Great job ACC.Thanks to our great master JYT for your useless speeches and explanations which you have given to us(Publics) till now. Now, what else is left for you to fool us? You fooled yourself with your own explanations.Aren’t you guilty of your own? Now nothing left with you other than placing mask on your face. Don’t worry still Denchi land is in list. God sees the truth but waits!!!! 

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