Melbourne case a matter of great shame: Prime Minister

During the 29th Meet the Press session yesterday in Thimphu, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay minced no words saying the invasion of privacy of two Bhutanese women in Melbourne who were allegedly filmed by their housemate while taking shower was a matter of great shame.

“The police in Melbourne are prosecuting the case currently. If that would’ve happened in Bhutan, we would have been outraged, it is absolutely unacceptable and not the way we treat our women. The fact that it has happened abroad makes it all the more worse. It is matter of shame for us,” said Lyonchhen.

Lyonchhen said, “Even without prejudicing the judgment, and from the information received so far on the case, it was unexpected of a person like Nima Tshering who’d had a distinguished career, projected himself as a social worker, and who was also a political candidate for the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa.”

Lyonchhen pointed out that the negative image of the country in the international arena through cases like Bhutanese smugglers and also in regard to the Bhutanese man found dead in Bangkok is very disheartening and unacceptable from any Bhutanese. “Our Kings have worked so hard to build our image and to distort it just like that is absolutely not acceptable,” he said.

It has been learnt that the invasion of privacy incident took place on 2nd November  2016 when a Bhutanese woman, who was taking a shower, found the accused person’s cell phone on video recording mode inside the pocket of his pants that was hanging in the bathroom. The victim then told her other housemate about the incident and after properly scanning through his phone, they found two more videos in the accused person’s phone trash box of the other women housemates showering.

The crime was reported on the 3rd November 2016 to the Victoria police in Melbourne.

Foreign Minister Damcho Dorji said that currently they have been provided with limited information from the Melbourne court since it is to do with their country’s privacy laws. “With the information we were provided, the accused has been charge on three counts, and the case is now with the court. The final hearing will be on the 9th of February 2017 and the court has asked the police not to divulge the case details,” said the Foreign Minister.



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  1. This is an interesting article, but not professionally handled. The paper has given the opportunity tot he PDP govt to slam DNT. I heard that a victim cannot be named until they re proven guilty by the court. Here the PM and the Paper attacked DNT and named the alleged. The author had smartly named him and will say that it was the Pm who named and not the paper!

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