Mendrelgang takes Damphu’s cake, but eats it with food poison

After eating cake from Damphu town, seven people in Mendrelgang, Tsirang are hospitalized for food poisoning. The same cake earlier took its toll on 13 people in Damphu town.

The Mendrelgang Basic Health Unit (BHU) confirmed the seven cases reported for food poisoning.

Senior Basic Health Worker (BHW) Karma said the case is similar to Damphu Hospital with similar symptoms.

With this, food poisoning has hospitalized people in two places.

The senior basic health worker said two out of the five patients hospitalized were minor cases. Among the admitted are a 65 year old man and a 66 year old woman. Rest of the patients are in their teens and even as young as four years.

The patients were showed symptoms of fever, body pain, low appetite and shooting diarrhea.

“More of the cases were symptomatic of extreme diarrhea where a patient had to visit toilet more than seven times a day,” said the Senior Basic Health Worker.

These patients were immediately given glucose after they were admitted.

Medications like Metronidazole and Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) were given for the diarrhea apart from glucose. And Septran was given as an antibiotics and dicoiclomine for stomach pain together with Paracetamol.

Damphu hospital saw around 13 cases and all of them had to be hospitalized.

Dr. Tejnath Nepal of Damphu Hospital said at first the hospital did not suspect an outbreak as only few patients showed up.

“Later, many cases were seen with the same symptoms and also after learning from the media about such cases, we suspected for the food poisoning,” said Dr. Tejnath.

The patients showed symptoms of dehydration, fever, vomiting and diarrhea, Dr. Tejnath Nepal added.

He said “all had consumed cake from the nearby town”.

Two families of four, another two families of two, and an individual suffered food poisoning from the cake.

“Two members of a family said they had shared the same cake, half each,” he said.

However he said as of now all of them have been discharged and no new cases have showed up.

In total, 18 people were admitted for food poisoning out of 20 after consuming the same cake and as of now, all of them have been discharged.

After suspecting it to be food poisoning cases, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) in Tsirang have sent food sample for tests in Thimphu.

BAFRA’s food testing laboratory in Yusipang is yet to determine the ingredients of the cake from its test results of food sample which was consumed in Tsirang Dzongkhag.

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  1. If the cake indeed is been found to be poisonous/contaminated, the shop/bakery should be put to task.

    BAFRA needs to do frequent monitoring of restaurants and eateries. Its appalling to see so many eateries/restaurants showing total disregard for hygiene.

    • There should be a balanced coverage of the news. You sensationalize it with big heading as “POISON”. No one dares to talk to the bakery owner and get their side of the story as responsible journalist should. I believe BAFRA was satisfied with the cleanliness aspect and samples will be tested out soon. Hopefully one sided reporting is not the case for big national issues/scandals.

      • You realized only now or what, this paper is famous for one side reporting only, they never bother to get the views of the party.

  2. The shopkeeper needs to be charged under attempt to murder through poisoning…or if any death out of this  then shopkeeper should be charged under involuntary manslaughter and set example of taming such defaulter and law breakers.

  3. will TL not linked this story with PM.There is chances of saying people is Tsirang got food poisoning due to present government and PM.

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