Minister of Economic Affairs responds on Drayangs and Discos being shut

During the Question Answer session on 18th of June, 2021 Bomdeling, Jamkhar constituency raised the question to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Loknath Sharma that cince the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected numerous entertainment houses in the country as they are shut what are the measures being taken by the government to help the entertainment sectors.

Economic Affairs Minister responded by saying that the question was raised even in the previous session and it shows that there is so much concern on the matter.Lyonpo said that there is nobody who is not concerned about any matter related to COVID -19, and so if it is said that the entertainment sectors are not given importance then it is false because there is Kidu which is supporting the entertainment sector too. They got wavier of interest as Kidu and workers of any entertainment sector are also receivingmonthly Kidu support, there is also EMI deferral and so these are the support entertainment sectors are receiving.

He said because of COVID-19 it can be very challenging for the entertainment sectors to operate like before, as there are plenty of drayangs and moreover a lot of karaoke which are all attached with the bars so it is said that the government has given the freedom to run the bar, at the same time it advised the owners of the entertainment sectors that it might take some time for the pandemic to heal so it will be wiser to turn the place into a restaurant or a grocery shop.

Lyonpo further said that turning of hotels into a quarantine facility is somehow subsiding the loss for the hotels. In order to make the entertainment sectors run smoothly or support them the solution can be letting the entertainment sectors run as before but everybody is aware that the situation is not favorable right now.

“The drayangs, clubs and the related entertainment sectors are hampered badly because of  COVID and the owners are in a dilemma not knowing when the pandemic might get over for and so for that reason to cover the utility cost and pay the rent National CSI development bank Limited   is allowing a loan called Bridging loan but since themonetary loan phase two is over, they are under process to generate the next monetary phase which will be discussed with ministry of Finance and we will surely support and look into the matter,” said Lyonpo.

He said they might not be able to support fully soit will be better if the entertainment sectors owners look for some other options and start up with different business ideas.

Lyonpo concluded by saying that Drayangs cannot be allowed to operate which was discussed with the draying owners because of the COVID situation.

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