Ministry launches Documents to reduce unemployment

The labor ministry (MoLHR) launched three documents yesterday in the capital aimed to create more employment opportunities and keep youth occupied with gainful employment.

The documents are meant to help the youth choose their career and it provides techniques to face interviews.

The Career and employment counseling guide book is completely indigenous. The book will guide jobseekers, students, school counselors, teachers and parents on various employment facilitation services.

It will also help plan and explore careers, higher studies and training opportunities leading to employment while demystifying myths and realities of today’s labor market along with tips and advice.

The Documentary on Interview Technique provides tips on various aspects of interviews. It is a part of employment counseling and it will also be broadcast on TV.

“With a hard skill one can land up for an interview but hardly gets a job without going through an interview process,” said labor minister Dorji Wangdi who said right preparation and right approach to interview is essential.

The purpose and use of the second edition of the dictionary is to guide the students and the job seekers to understand the types of occupations and careers in the country.

The first edition was published in 2004 but in the last eight years, economy has grown significantly and labor market has transformed and many new occupations and career opportunities have emerged.

“The dictionary no longer reflects a complete picture of the present day scenario of career possibilities in the country,” said a labor official. The ministry had therefore updated it with 60 new careers and occupations in the labor market today and in the near future.

The dictionary is compiled and published as per the principle and format prescribed by the International Standard Classification of Occupations 1988 of International Labour organization.

“These guidelines have the comprehensive information on Job and career employment,” said the labor official.

Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi said that the ministry is deeply pleased to come up with these publications, particularly with Career and Employment Counseling Guidebook.

He said employment is the biggest concern and the highest priority of the government was to provide gainful employment for all.

Every year thousands of students graduate from high schools and universities and the ministry projects more than 20,000 graduates in the job market.

“There is a huge responsibility to create employment,” the labor minister said.

The overall employment is not much of an issue as the unemployment rate had reduced over the years and has even surpassed the target set for 10th Five Year Plan.

However youth unemployment and female unemployment is still a major concern for the government.

In case of the youth, the labor minister said the main reason for unemployment is not because of lack of jobs.

“Mismatch of jobs and skills, attitude toward blue collar jobs, mismatch of jobs expectations and lack of soft skills is the main issue,” he said.

Therefore there is a need for proper counseling and advice about the labor market.

To inform youth and students about the job market the documentary and guidelines will be distributed to all the middle secondary schools and high schools.

By mid 2013 the labor ministry will conduct labor market education for school teachers. This will familiarize teachers with labor market dynamics.

Labor ministry has achieved 2.1% unemployment rate.


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  1. If you don’t have job, get those books… Read it…At least you can dream of hypothetical employment because in reality, it is waste of your time….

    May Government should say join state monk body and we can feed you…..

  2. its just written on news paper just for namesake…but in real there are more than thousand of graduates and class ten and twelve drop out students who are sad to see and myself too. what is the use of this me this published book could be like…..
    even people have tried to consider the interns as the permanent worker in their book.what a joke.. if that is the case there would any unemployment problem in Bhutan. unemployment rate would be zero in Bhutan..sorry to share but this is a fact..

  3. looks as if the Bhutanese youths are competing with youths from other countries for employment. Documents to help them prepare for job interviews? What a joke? The problem is not related to their poor performance in the interviews but the lack of opportunities.

  4. What is the use if there is no enough job vacancies in the market ?. It will be great contributions such agencies can prioritize in framing polices which helps in job creations. Job creations in both public and private sectors.

    Interview attending skills and procedures to find jobs may not be the case of our youth unemployment. If we going to find through research very insignificant portion of unemployed youth had such kind of problems.
    But major challenge is very limited job vacancies in market.

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