Miss Bhutan Pageant being organized after a decade

The first Miss Bhutan pageant was held in 2008 with actress Tshokey Tshomo Karchung as a beauty pageant title holder. She took part in the Miss Earth 2008 beauty pageant, Miss Young International in Taiwan, and Miss Safari 2008 in Kenya

The second Miss Bhutan was held in 2010 where Sonam Choden Retty was the winner and then there was a gap of a decade until now.

Mr. Karma Tshering Director of Miss Bhutan Organization said that from 2021 Miss Bhutan pageant will be held every year.

Karma said that the reason behind keeping the Miss Bhutan Organization idle for a decade was due to his occupancy in other projects and also because of the fact of the unviability as a business.

Miss Bhutan 2021 is expected to entertain the public since the COVID -19 pandemic has halted a lot of entertainment.

“The beauty of the pageant is that the contestants will get to be well educated in terms of personality development, life skills and values, see the beauty within and also boost their confidence in facing any challenges,” said Karma.

It was said that apart from the grooming session, the participants will get various opportunities to speak and learn from the highly intellectual bureaucrats and successful business man of Bhutan and ex countries.

The training session is said to be given for one and a half month and Karma is confident that the contestants will be fully transformed in a positive manner within the period.

Miss Bhutan pageant 2021 is said to have no SMS voting since the judgment is fully left on the judges.

There will be two peak rounds. The first is the preliminary round where top 8 contestants will be selected from the top 18 contestants who will be selected by eight juries and then the top 8 selected contestants will be participating in grand finale round which will be judged by eleven judges.

“We are leaving the judgements fully to the judges mainly because the SMS voting puts pressure on the contestants pressurizing their kith and kin to vote for them,” said Karma.

Judges are said to be appointed as per the criteria of the events like best fashion designer, gender experts, former politicians, writers from Bhutan and also a few from the international organizations depending on the COVID situation.

Karma said that the judgements will be fair enough with no favoritism during the selection.

“While appointing the judges we will make sure that none of the contestants are related to the judges for fair results and will also have a good background in the related field,” said Karma.

Each participants profile is said to be showcased in Bhutan Broadcasting Service and different social media platforms.

Karma said that it is challenging to organize such events in Bhutan due to lack of financial support and that the event is solely relied on sponsorships from various organizations and Business people which is not easy to get. He is hoping to give best of the best opportunities and facilities to the contestants through the sponsorships he is hoping to receive.

Miss Bhutan 2021 is expecting to have more viewers and publicity because of the advanced social media platforms which was not there in the last Miss Bhutan pageants.

It was learnt that Miss Bhutan Organization has received numerous calls for registration from different parts of Bhutan and gained many shares on its Facebook post.

The grand finale is planned to be held around the National Day of 2021.

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