Missing Bhutanese student found unconscious in West Bengal

A Bhutanese student who was reported missing since November 26 was found unconscious in Malda, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Nima Tshering, 23, studying in Indo Asian Academy, Bangalore,  was travelling to Bhutan in Bangalore-Guwahati Express with his friends on November 25. When the train stopped at Malda station for about 10-20 minutes, most of his friends went out to grab a tea while he stayed inside with three other friends.

“When the train started moving  we rushed inside and it took me few minutes to realize that one of our friends, Nima Tshering, was missing but we didn’t pay much heed thinking he must be somewhere around,”one of the friends said.  ” When he didn’t return for more than an hour, we started to worry  and searched every bogey and even toilets.  So we reported to police in the train and they promised us that they would do something.”

Kezang Choden, mother of Nima Tshering, said that it was 7pm when she received a call from an Indian number saying that her son had gone missing and they were trying to search for him.

The next day the parents received a call from a man who spoke Hindi saying that they found a Bhutanese man lying unconscious by the side of the road and that he has been admitted to a nearby hospital.

Why he left the train and what actually happened is still not clear.



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