Missing boy’s death still a mystery as grandmother under medical evaluation

The grandmother of the four-year old boy, who went missing on April 27th and was found dead the next day in the Wangchu river, has been admitted in the psychiatric ward of the JDWNR hospital in Thimphu according to police.

She has been admitted for further treatment based on her previous medical prescription for trauma

Police said that a family member of the grandmother presented her previous medical prescription as per the request and prescription shows that she was a psychiatric patient.

However, since the grandmother was under shock after the tragic incident, police referred her to JDWNRH for thorough evaluation.

Police also said that they did not interrogate the grandmother and that they will have to wait until she gets discharged from the hospital.

“As of now we can’t talk much as we did not get her statement,” police said.

The grandmother was the last person seen with the boy as the boy followed the grandmother, according to the family.

Neighbors saw the two getting into a taxi together on 27th April. In the same evening the staff at Terma Linca saw the grandmother looking lost and bewildered in the middle of the Wangchu river. She did not seem to know why she was there and did not mention the boy.

The mother came on facebook giving her son’s picture and asking for help to locate her missing son.

The police based on the mother’s plea for help launched a search for the boy in the same vicinity and found his body there the next day. The boy’s shirt had gotten hooked to a rock in the middle of the river.

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