Missing women found dead

The body of a 57-year- old woman was recovered from Kuchdiana river, Looksan, Jalpaiguri, India on July 27 at around 10 in the morning. The woman was reported as a missing person by Ugyentse Gup on July 26 in Changmari police station in Samtse.

The deceased is from Dangkarling, Ugyentse, Samtse. She was unmarried and was staying her sister who is unmarried as well. The deceased went missing since July 24.

The relatives reported to police through the Gup, stating that the body of the deceased was seen by some Indian locals along the Kuchdiana river, Looksan, Jalpaiguri, India on July 26 towards the evening time.

The search team along with the relatives of the deceased recovered the body from the river. Police are still investigating the case. As of now, consolidated reports state that the deceased was mentally unstable and she would frequently disappear from her home and return after a few days.

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