Mobile agent to stabilize egg prices

The Sarpang Layer Cooperative has initiated Mobile agents to make fresh eggs more easily available at an affordable price.

The chairman of the Sarpang Layers cooperatives, Nima Lama, said the mobile agent initiative is to make fresh eggs available at affordable prices in any town of the country.

“As of now we are sending 315 cartons of eggs in a week to Thimphu and we will supply more eggs soon,” he said.

He added that the SLC is exploring for space to increase their outlets in across the country to meet the demands of the market.

He said that SLC is not involved in price hike and has never taken advantage of the market demand.  “The identified mobile agents of the SLC were briefed well and they have signed the agreement with SLC to keep prices affordable,” Nima Lama said.

The cooperative sells eggs at Nu 1,625 a carton which contain about 7 trays of egg and, which works out to Nu 230 a tray. “We have to respect consumers,” he said.

According to the chairman and members of the cooperative, hike in egg prices happen when non-cooperative players and few private sellers obtain eggs directly from farms and take unreasonable profit margin on sales.

That is why SLC has identified mobile agents as a direct way out to stabilize egg prices.

In the meeting yesterday, the members and egg vendors signed an agreement that the price a tray will not be more than Nu 245 in Thimphu and not more than 250 in any corner of the country.

“The cooperative will dismiss its agents who charge beyond the set price and the consumers are encouraged to inform to SLC if they are charged more,” the chairman said.

Sarpang Layer Cooperative was established in 2012 with 36 members and full operations began from 2015. Today it has more than 84 members from Gakidling, Shompangkha, Dekeling, Samten ling and Gelephug gewogs.

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