MoESD implements thorough screening criteria for contract teacher selection

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) announced the list of selected candidates for Resigned Teachers on Contract slots.

While many of the selected teachers will teach general subjects, however, there are more candidates for teaching English language compared to other teaching positions.

Out of the total 521 applicants, 100 have been selected based on the criteria set by MoESD.

To uphold educational standards and ensure the quality of instruction, MoESD has introduced a precise set of criteria for the selection of new teachers.

The screening process thoroughly checks the teachers’ records to ensure dedication and professionalism, emphasizing the ministry’s commitment to maintaining high standards among the selected candidates.

Moreover, MoESD has taken a strong standpoint on the exclusion of teachers with termination or disciplinary issues. This aspect of the criteria underscores the importance placed on facilitating a positive work environment and also helps to question past incidents and policies surrounding employee behavior.

In addition, the criteria notably disregard teachers who left the system long ago, acknowledging the changes in the education curriculum thus, teaching staff with current educational standards were selected.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the position level of selected teachers will now be fixed to the last position held before separation from the civil service. This is intended to provide clarity and consistency in determining the roles and responsibilities of recruited teachers, aligning them with their previous experience within the civil service framework.

Furthermore, the basic pay for selected candidates will be set at the minimum or starting basic pay of their respective position levels before separation. In addition to the basic pay, selected teachers “…will receive a flat 35% teaching allowance applied to their basic salary.”

MoESD also informed that the selected teachers will be offered contracts lasting either two years or until they reach the age at which they are eligible for pension benefits, whichever comes first.

Moreover, the candidates should be aware that they will undergo a mandatory drug test as per the Bhutan Civil Service Rules (BCSR) of 2023 to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for both educators and students.

This mandatory drug test also implies that selected candidates may not retain their positions if they test positive.

MoESD also tried to recruit from the graduate pool of 2023, however, the shortage persists due to a combination of factors, including a lack of applicants and there aren’t enough teachers for the required subjects.

Additionally, with RCSC’s approval to recruit 600 contract teachers and resigned teachers, the ministry is hopeful that this could help address teacher attrition. MoESD is cautious, stating that this gap may not be filled as more teachers continue to resign.

The ministry also excluded the private school teachers as they have the opportunity to apply for contract teaching positions in the districts and thromdes.

Despite efforts to recruit more teachers, the issue of teachers leaving their jobs remains.

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