MoH issues warning after Dengue outbreak

With the onset of monsoon season, there have been the ‘Outbreak’ of Dengue Fever in Phuntsholing, Samtse and Samdrupjongkhar.

All reported cases are being treated and onsite outbreak surveillance has been carried out by the Royal Center for Disease Control (RCDC), District Health Sectors and the Vector-Borne Disease Control Programme under Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health.

The outbreaks are confined to certain areas and the surveillance teams are putting in their best efforts to contain the outbreaks. Similar outbreaks are also reported from other countries in South East Asia Region, eg; Sri Lanka.

Considering the possible upsurge of the outbreak with ongoing monsoon season, the Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health advised all people, residing in the southern Dzongkhags and those travelling to the affected areas to take note of  Dengue prevention tips.

These were to never store water in the water containers for more than a week. Always ensure to change the water in containers, always keep the surroundings clean and dry and clean the drainage system.

The tips also included clearing all the discarded water holding objects like old tyres, drums and containers as the dengue mosquito breeds in the stagnated water, changing water in flower saucers possibly within three to four days, keeping windows and doors shut especially during the evening and early morning to prevent dengue mosquito entering inside the house.

The MoH also advised to always wear full sleeve shirts and long pants especially during the early hours (before sunrise) and in the evening (before dusk), always ensure to sleep under mosquito nets.

The typical signs and symptoms during the onset of Dengue includes ‘Fever’ and ‘Headache’.If anyone has any of the above symptoms, the MoH advised to immediately report to the nearest health center.

“If you have recent travel history to those affected areas and experience fever accompanied by headache, report to the nearest health center,” said the ministry.

“We advise public not to panic as Dengue Fever is treatable if cases are diagnosed early. Department of Public Health in close coordination with the District Health Sectors and Thromdes are putting our best efforts to contain the outbreak,” said the release.

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