MoLHR looking to send job seekers to Japan and Australia

With Bhutanese jobseekers already being placed in India, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Thailand, the labour ministry is now looking at Japan and Australia, as the next destinations of the overseas employment programme.

The ministry will help job seekers secure loans required for visa processing, training fees, institutional cost and air ticket according to the department of employment’s officiating director general, Ugyen Tenzin.

To place the youths in Australia he said that loans required for fees, tickets and other expenses would be below a million ngultrums. However, candidates are required to present a bank balance of Nu 3 million.

“The ministry in collaboration with the Royal Monetary Authority and financial institutions recently had a consultative discussion on coming up with a loan scheme for candidates (fresh jobseekers) seeking employment overseas,” Ugyen Tenzin said. “The provision of overseas employment loan facilities will immensely benefit those candidates who have not been able to avail regular loans from the financial institutions due to unavailability of collateral.”

He said the ministry is currently waiting for the Royal Monetary Authority to finalise loan products by the financial institutions. “The ministry will then seek approval from the government for the implementation of loan facilitation for overseas employment,” he added.

The overseas employment program in Japan is more of a study and work program. “Under this program, youths will be undergoing Advance Japanese Language Course in Japan for two years and is expected to earn a good amount through part time work during the language course,” according to the officiating director.

Once the youths are done with the Advance Japanese Language course, they will get recruited in regular jobs with a good annual income and jobs will depend on the qualification of the candidates or depending on the availability of the choices in the market.

The ministry is sending around 60 candidates in the first batch who leave in April. To be able to find part time work after arrival in Japan, the selected candidates in this program will have to undergo a basic Japanese course in Bhutan for 3-4 months.

“If the program turns out to be successful the ministry, through the agent, plans to send about 500 candidates in 2017 followed by another 500 in 2018,” the officiating director said.

He also said that the candidates would be monitored regularly as the program is fully coordinated by the ministry in collaboration with our own Bhutanese Overseas Employment Agent, who has collaborated with Japanese firms.

“Japan is known for its leading technologies, robotics, animation and so on and through this I am hoping to learn more,” said Ngawang Loday, a 2012 graduate from India. “We will have the opportunity to explore and most importantly learning their language is an advantage for us.”

However, he said that they are not sure about the job but have been promised that they will not be kept idle.


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  1. Regestration is done or going on for Japan.

  2. Lok Maya Ghalley

    I want to go la

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  4. I to want to apply la for fourth batch.may I know when the registration begins la.

  5. Sir I am 2013 graduate so please I need to learn procedure to apply for it

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  7. Can i study for my further studies and even earn ??
    If so than i want to go la
    I am 12 passed

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  10. how can I try in or apply in the overseas

  11. How to apply for the job in Australia..

  12. nirmaya powdrel

    sir i want 2 go la….

  13. Chimmi Namgyal

    I want to go to Australia for my further studies. I’m a degree qualified student. What do I need and what do I have to do? I would be really grateful if you guys could help me. Looking forward for your response. Thank you!

    • I am interested in working in both the country.(Japan and Australia ) la…So please help me to get the link la…

      • Sir I want to go Australia for job is it possible sir. Can you plz mail me the procedure to apply sir.. I have finished graduation 6 years ago and also have 3 years expirence… I am job less now and trying.. thank you

  14. Tshering zangmo

    I will be completing my diploma in hotel management on July 2019 so after completing it, I’m planning to work and study in Australia ,will that be possible? Kindly guide me please.

  15. I have completed diploma in civil engineering on I am planning to work and study in Australia, will that be possible? Guide me please… Thank you

  16. I would intake such opportunities to make a living show the best of me if given chances soon

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    So please help me to get the link la

  18. Sir I want to apply
    Please help me to get the link

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    i’m interested to go to Australia for further studies and to work side by side. i’m a diploma holder. so if you could help how to do and what to do then i would be very grateful to you ?

  22. I’m interested to join such opportunity

  23. I did +2 in the year 2014.. I don’t have proper destination till now. Lands onwhere.. I am a middle class boy, don’t have much financial support from relatives. I too wanna try to go abroad. So, if sir/madam could favour me in upgrading my life, I will b very much appriciated for ua concern la.

  24. i want to go la…..
    i cant support througt agents laaa..

  25. I am a male nurse with experience for 5-6yr with MOH, still a registered nurse even worked as a counsellor with YDF,now resigned and looking for job, please help and suggest me,

  26. Phuntsho Dorji

    I am currently working under DES(Direct Employment Scheme) MOLHR since 2017 sept as a English tutor and its almost to the end of contract term and thought of going to work in Australia. Please do help me to go through with procedures and help me to get the information about overseas vacancies and procedure of applying. Your help and support will be appreciated. Thank you

  27. what is the minimum qualification required?
    or graduate

  28. Im going to work in any given working condition if the salary is balancing my working hour. Lets earn abroad and bring back in country and invest….creating jobs for our future.

  29. Chencho Dorji

    Any chances for class x passout
    Why only for 12 ,graduated or for masters only

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    I am interested,since i have done certificate hold and I have field experience FOR 6yrs.sp therefore if there is any opportunity kindly help me for this regard la.

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    If you could help how to do and what to do.may madem /sir can send me details to my email la.if you could help me .I would be very grateful to you all la

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    Therefore if sir can help me please send me detail that how to apply the procedure and the needed criteria to ful full la

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