MoLHR Minister: Employment for Education grads not an issue

Drujeygang Tseza MP Karma Dorji, a former teacher, questioned the Minister of MoLHR on the employment prospects for the increasing education graduates particularly from the colleges of Samtse and Paro and what plans the government had to ensure that these trainees find jobs upon graduation.

“There are currently 839 teacher trainees in Samtse and 253 in Paro. Another 139 are employed in the CBT plan and 424 are working on a contract basis. Given the shortage of teachers why is there such a high number of teachers on contracts rather than permanent employment,” asked the Honorable Member, adding, employment issues need long term planning and so it is a necessity that there be plans to employ these graduates once out of college.

Lyonpo Ngeema Sangay Tshempo assured that these issues were planned for the long term and not some half hearted, instant-result-long-term-disaster plan.

“It is the Prime Minister’s directive that we find employment for all the teacher graduates and a vast majority has indeed been employed.”

Lyonpo outlined education employment plans up to 2020. This year 541 teachers were employed and in the following years 377, 270, 224 and 222 jobs are planned. The plan started in 2015 and employed 286 permanent and 286 contract teachers. In short, the teacher employment plan will create 2,206 teaching jobs.

“We have also planned for the few who cannot be employed in country to partake in contract programs in countries like Thailand. Thirty teachers were sent this year and over the next two years 400 will be employed in schools across Thailand. We also have requirements in private schools and the Dratshang Lhentshog,” said His Excellency, “Besides, the attrition rate of teachers is an yearly average of 3 percent (285 teachers) due to retirement and resignations so employment opportunities is not an issue at all.”

Lyonpo added that the previous government had perfunctorily sent teachers on contract basis who were now returning post contract and adding to the pressure on the current government.

However he advised that in the long term, being rigid about your career choice might be a problem and so graduates should explore other possible employment opportunities.

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