MoLHR penalizing entire group even if one worker is without PPE

With workers failing to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), even after the issuance by the proprietors, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) started penalizing a whole group if one fails to use the PPE.

The ministry hopes that this would help them in addressing the issue of not using the PPE. MoLHR has penalized a few proprietors and workers in the sudden site inspections.

There are reports of death, partial and permanent disablement, whereby the compensations are decided according to their injuries and age. The workers in the higher age category receive lower the compensation, and lower the age higher the compensation.  

The proprietors failing to pay the compensation are held guilty of an offence, which shall be a felony of the fourth degree as per section 98 of the Labour Act.

An official from the Labour Protection Department, MoLHR said that it is risky if the working environment is not safe, as one can lose their life and nothing can compensate a life lost, and so there should not be any compromise when it comes to health and safety.

“It becomes difficult for us to intervene, especially when it is a death of a non-national worker. It is important to report the accident to the ministry for immediate intervention,” the official added.

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