Mongar records rising motor vehicle accidents and domestic violence

Mongar is grappling with a surge in motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and domestic violence (DV) cases, with 15 MVAs and 12 DV cases reported as of April 2024.

Additionally, 1 case of rape of child above 12 years and 1 incident of auto stripping have been recorded.

The dzongkhag has two police stations, one in Mongar and another in Gyalpoizhing. Mongar Police Station received 10 DV cases, 7 MVAs, and 1 case of child rape.

Similarly, Gyalpoizhing Police Station has received 8 MVA cases, 2 DV cases, and 1 auto stripping incident.

In 2023, Mongar Division X has recorded a total of 74 crime cases and 104 cases in 2022.

Regarding drug-related offenses, there were 16 cases with 40 arrests made in 2023 and 13 cases with 36 arrests in 2022, which involved 127 male and 8 female individuals.

2023 has witnessed 51 MVAs resulting in 16 deaths and 46 injuries. The main causes of these accidents were attributed to over speeding, not having proper control over vehicle, failure to adhere to driver duties, and driving without a license.

Also, 2022 saw 30 MVAs with 11 deaths and 25 injuries, primarily caused by over speeding, unlicensed driving, drunk driving, and adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, 12 cases of sexual offenses were reported in 2023, an increase from the 6 cases in 2022. The dzongkhag also recorded 12 suicide cases 6 in 2023 and 6 in 2022.

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