Mongar’s new National Council contender

tshering wangchen
tshering wangchen

With the strong support from the people of his village and his family members, Tshering Wangchen, 33, is determined to contest for a seat at the National Council from Khalong village in Mongar.

He is the third candidate from Mongar to announce his candidature to contest the upcoming National Council (NC) Elections.

Tshering Wangchen graduated from Sherubtse College (Kanglung) in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in both Dzongkha and English literature. He also received a post graduate certificate in education (PGCE) from National Institute of Education in Samtse.

He had served with the education ministry for eight years where for seven years he worked as a teacher in three different schools and for one year as the vice principal of Yebilaptsa in Zhemgang.

“I sought to contest for this upcoming National Council election as I think I have the potential in both the languages which is important as a parliamentary member,” he said.

Tshering has all the support he needs as far as his village is concerned since they supported him and his family from the old days. A probable reason for this is because his father served the government as a Royal Advisory councilor and was a prominent figure in the village.

“Moreover, I worked as an educator for eight years where I think I have done what I could do for the King, Country and the People as a citizen of Bhutan and now I have finally decided to take up another challenge and opportunity to better serve my King by participating in the upcoming National Council Elections as a candidate from Mongar,” he said.

Tshering said he still remembers His Majesty the King’s address to the nation on the occasion of the 105th National Day celebrations last December, where His Majesty said every one of us should participate in the upcoming Elections.

“With this notion in my mind and the support that I have from them and the trust bestowed upon me by the people of my gewog now I can finally undertake this new venture in my life,” said Tshering Wangchen.

Having been a teacher for so many years, he claims to have overcome and understood that any beginning to human development is made through education. He aspires to foster a cohesive Bhutanese society by connecting the people and the government, strengthen good governance to guarantee that there is sustainable and equitable development where the environment is conserved and culture is preserved and promoted.

The NC aspirant wants to promote education as the core of any developmental activity creating a perfect condition for realizing the noble goal of Gross National Happiness (GNH), promote tourism in the east and stress on poverty alleviation.

Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu

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  1. good teacher can make a good differnece , so al the best fro all teachers across the country

    • From the schooling days, I could notice that you possess exceptional charisma from the way you were leading us until graduation from Sherabtse. With your competency in both written and spoken Dzongkha, I think you have taken the right decision in comming out as NC candidate and I am quite certain you can now apply your potentialities in the fullest possible extent to uplift Mongarpas as a billingual

      person, a skill must for the parliamenterians. I know you will serve people with humility and commitment accompanied with good heart- Sampa Zangpo!

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