More elderly make up S/J’s voter turnout

The poll day for primary round of the parliamentary election in Samdrup Jongkhar saw many old voters, their ages ranging from 50 to 80 and none of them were reported of carrying old voter identity cards (VPIC). The senior bunch also did not make news for other electoral-related issues which usually comes easily at their ages.

The oldest voter of the day in Dewathang Primary School polling station was an 80-year-old man from Reshor village under Dewathang who came to cast his vote with the help of his nephew. He walked to the polling station which is located about five kilometers from his place.

According to him the purpose of coming to vote; besides his age is to vote for the right candidates who would represent them and address the difficulties of poor people. He said that his one vote can make a difference to choose the right candidate.

While another 70 year-old, Namgyem from Chenangri under Samdrup Jongkhar hired a Tripper Truck along with few other voters to reach the Dewathang polling station. According to her she got up early as the weather was cool and was favorable for old people like her to go out.

She said that such opportunity comes once in five years and if she failed to vote for the right candidate the people in general will regret. Further she said that she assured all her families to go and cast their secret vote. She added that the pledges made by various candidates during the campaign period were so promising but she voted for the candidate who made pledges which were very pertinent in the community.

“I came to vote so that the candidate who would represent us to fulfill our dreams,” she added.

A 79-year-old man from Dhomphu who turned up to cast his vote at the Rekhay polling station walked for about four kilometers from his village. He said that the pledges made by a particular candidate ensuring that every gewog will have farms roads with proper surfacing with a drain, special loan scheme for farmers to buy utility vehicles likes power tillers and bolero pick-up trucks encouraged him to come and vote.

He said that as a farmer he voted for the candidate who showed concerns for the people living back in the village. “I expect the party that comes to power help poor people to move forward,” he added.

However the old voters coming from remote areas are not aware of the general rounds and most of them think that they are voting for a final time to choose one candidate from the four parties from various polling stations.

They are not yet informed about the general rounds where they will have to cast their votes for a second time. “I hope the concerned officials would visit our village and inform us about the second time voting,” said an elderly voter.

As of now, many like them remain unaware of the generals.

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