More voices on the payhike issue

NC did an absolute disservice to the people of Bhutan by not passing the RTI just for the sake of a procedural issue given the fact that ample time was allotted to everyone to read the draft-which the NC members should have done already, to pass the RTI.

Due to lack of RTI, citizens cannot take government and NA to task for defaulting on promises that were meant to garner votes-which is simply cheating the citizens of Bhutan. However, NC should now fight for the right to independence in terms of voting for and against proposed legislations from the NA members. If our constitution needs to be amended, it must be changed to internalize the threats to the sovereignty and security of the country from this PDP Ponzi scheme.


The maturity of NC members has been displayed here with their stand of sticking to its recommendation after comprehensively contemplating the overall economic situation in the country. The NA members after all sorts of criticism by the people from all walks of life still went for their lion’s share of pay revision and more so the PM contributing Nu.50,000/- to social service is mimicry and childish. This has certainly undermined the sanctity of the august hall of NA and the national performance report.


I think Civil Servants should also decline their pay hike because 5-10% pay raise will do more harm than good. This pay hike for civil servants is the cheap act of PDP to just fulfill their election lies. NC hats of and NA please take some more maybe MPs 70% raise, ministers – 130% and PM-200%.


The concerns of retirees have been completely and easily forgotten. Bhutan before was not like today and these people had served on a meager salary with full dedication. We are still influential and every action of our MPs are cryptically assessed.


Even if rise of salary for people at the lower level is more, the situation won’t still improve for them. Their actual increase is only 1000-2000. And what do you get by that amount of money nowadays? Even if the rate is lower for those in the higher position, the actual amount they get is still higher. Now, where is measure to reduce the income disparity? Radical

PM giving away Nu. 50,000 per month to Charity is a good gesture but is politically motivated. Rather than donating, why not decline it in his pay slip itself.


Firstly, if the government intended to make its own decision when it comes to civil servants pay and implement the resolution of the past parliament session when it comes to Parliamentary entitlements, what was the need for second Pay Commission to do all the works. The pay commission should have been mandated to review and propose only the Civil Servants pay.

The PM said he will not accept the revised pay scale but on the other hand he said he will save the difference and donate it to charity after 5years.Since he has not accepted it in the first place I don’t think he has the claim over the difference to donate it as per his wish. The gist is that in reality the PM has accepted the revised pay scale.


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