Most Class X and XII dropped out students to continue studies in 2021: MoE

210 students who have dropped out of school this year will be continuing their studies in the 2021 academic year except for a few students. There are 96 drop out students in class XII and 114 students in class X. 

The Ministry of Education has analyzed the dropout cases and the Education Minister Jai Bir Rai said even during the normal times the class X dropouts were there. He said out of 1000 students, every year 8 students’ dropout and the number is similar even now.

Lyonpo said the students who dropped out will be repeating the same class in the next academic year and there are few who join the police and army and some get married.

Some of the reasons the ministry received were that some are worried that they might not score good marks and neither are they confident to continue with their studies this year. Some dropped out because their parents are worried about the COVID-19 situation.

Not all will be coming next year because as per the data collected by the ministry, few have married.

But 99 percent will come back and continue their studies in 2021 academic session.

“We are worried about those students who dropped out due to this pandemic although they will be continuing next year. The education ministry is the custodian of the country to develop the future leadership. For us even if a single person strays from the path of education, it is a big worry for us. And we are very worried that the economic poverty might not come to zero but if the education poverty reaches to 10 then that is the big problem for us,” said Lyonpo.

He said that if teaching-learning is stopped then they become uneducated and this worries the ministry a lot.

 This is why there is continuous learning and the ministry is providing Non-Formal Education (NFE), ECCD and formal education.

The Education minister said currently the dropout cases are 0.8 percent but the ministry’s aspiration is to make it zero dropouts and also as far as possible to make it zero deaths of children.

Education minister said an entire village is required to raise a child, so it is a responsibility of all in order to provide holistic education. There are approximately 8500 students in class XII and around 13,000 students in class X.

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