Lingbi river flood hit the house of the deceased

Mother and pregnant daughter killed in Lhuentse flash flood

A 49-year-old mother and 22-year-old daughter lost their lives to a flood in Lhuentse on the mid-night of 25 July 2019. The deceased daughter was seven months pregnant. The incident took place at Gangzur gewog, Lhuntse when the flooded Lingbi river hit the house of the deceased.

During the time of the incident, a 36-year-old man who is the husband of the 49-year-old deceased’s younger sister was with them. When the flood hit their house, the two woman tried to escape and ran out of the house.

However, they immediately got washed away by the flood in front of their house. On the other hand, the man did not get out of the house but he climbed the attic of the house and he could escape.

As per his statement to the police, he witnessed the two women being washed away by the flood right in front of the house. The bodies of the two deceased could not be found as of Friday. This would mean that they are dead.

However, police said that a team comprising of police, de-suung, villagers, dzongkhag officials and other volunteers are still searching for the two bodies.

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