Mother commits suicide in Dagana

A 40-year-old woman was found hanging from a tree on May 9 in Gesarling, Dagana.

According to Drimpon Gom, RBP, Tsewang Tashi, “The deceased had abruptly walked away at around 2 pm giving a final word that all her children are old enough to earn their living without the support from parents, and there is no need of her.”

He further added that the husband and children went out in search for the woman. He said, “Next morning the body was found two kilometers away from the in-laws place in a dense jungle hanging from tree with her belt near a cliff.”

However, according some of the villagers stated that the deceased and her husband used to face frequent issues in family.

Gup of Gesarling gewog, Mani Kumar Ghishing, said, “We have heard from the local people that the deceased and her husband used to have misunderstandings and fights, but so far, we didn’t receive any complaints in the office, so since no reasons for the suicide was given, even after inquisition by police and doctors, I think a family feud could be the reason of her suicide.”


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