Mother dies after giving birth to twins in Phuentsholing in tragic maternal death incident

A 31-year-old mother tragically passed away after giving birth to twins in Phuentsholing. The incident has raised concerns about maternal health and the risks associated with childbirth.

The deceased’s sister shared that the mother had gone to the hospital for a check-up after experiencing back pain. She was admitted after a thorough examination determined that she was ready for a normal delivery.

At around 9 pm, she underwent surgery, which was deemed successful, and her condition was stable.

However, the following morning at around 5 am, the mother experienced severe pain and was rushed to the operating theater. She said that another surgery was being considered. Sadly, the mother passed away before any further action could be taken.

One of the twins is currently under the care of the deceased’s sister, while the other twin has been admitted to JDWNRH due to a heart condition and jaundice. The husband shared the doctors had informed him about his wife’s high blood pressure and heart issues prior to the surgery.

A medical expert explained that Phuentsholing hospital has a competent team of specialists, including gynecologists and pediatricians, necessary for running a regional referral hospital.

Following the surgery, the deceased experienced an abrupt onset of chest pain, difficulty breathing, and collapsing. Medical professionals promptly conducted an electrocardiogram (ECG) test, which yielded normal results.

The cause of the mother’s death was determined to be pulmonary embolism, a rare and unforeseen complication. The outcome was totally unpredicted by any means.

Dr Sonam Gyamtsho, the Head of the Department Gynecology and Obstetrics of JDWNRH, mentioned that there are risks associated with pulmonary embolism during pregnancy.

He explained that pregnancy, itself, increases the risk of blood clots, which can reach the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism. Surgery further elevates this risk. Factors such as obesity, genetic predisposition to blood clotting, and heart disease also contribute to the likelihood of embolism.

Dr Gyamtsho also highlighted that it is important to get early mobilization and preventative measures to minimize the occurrence of such incidents. However, he acknowledged that if pulmonary embolism does occur, the mortality rate is alarmingly high.

This tragic event serves as a reminder of the complexities and risks involved in childbirth.

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