Motherhood and Journalism


It must take super-hero powers to handle two of the toughest jobs in the world- being a mother and a journalist, one of my college mates remarked.

I took some time to ponder over it at a time when I am not working and my baby is off to sleep (which is very rare). She made sense. Although I presume my state (the challenges) would come close to  a super-hero in comic books, I realize I do not have wings and neither do I wear my underpants on top of my pants.

I am a human. No super-powers. No magic wands. No webs to shoot from my hands.

While I want to explore all great stories, go places and report stories from the grassroots, hear stories that would break my heart and the realize that I have an important tool in my hand to be able to uplift certain groups who are weak, change public opinion and lots, my thoughts end just as thoughts.

On the other hand, I would love to give all my time being around my one-year old, witnessing her milestones as she grows up. Take joys and laugh around with her clumsy yet innocent gestures. Feed her well so she grows up to be strong. Teach her well so that she knows how to be independent and a bright woman who knows what she wants in life.

At this stage, I am caught between the two. Even though I am well aware of it, I just cannot push it aside. I cannot quit my job to be a full-time mother because this is where I want to be, professionally. I have my head placed well on my neck. And on the other hand, I cannot stay away not giving attention to my baby.

I am all over the place. My body cannot reach where my mind can. I have half of myself in journalism and half of me with my baby. Can I do justice? I ask myself.

I am a human. I may not have super-hero powers but my species is known to adapt well to any kind of situation. I may not reach everywhere but there is no harm in trying. I might make a lousy mother and a journalist, but I cannot deny I am not.

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