MP Elect (Left) 42-year-old Karma Lhamo (Mongar) and (Right) 45-year-old Karma Dorji (Nanglam)

MP elects of Mongar and Nganglam to concentrate on completing pledges

After winning the bye-election held in the Mongar and Nganglam constituencies, the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) candidates expressed their gratitude and also their commitment to completing the pledges in the remaining years of the government’s tenure.

Karma Dorji, Nganglam constituency, said he will immediately meet with the government to discuss the promises he made during the bye-election. He stated that his list is unambiguous and is out in the public domain.

“The key is consistency. I’ll keep the constituents up to date on my progress, and we’ll work together to see that all of my pledges are fulfilled,” he stated.

There are short-term and long-term pledges, he explained. “While I envision myself completing the short-term goals in the remaining year of the government’s term, I would start all of the long-term pledges far before the end of the term,” he added.

He also stated that he will work with the government to prioritize and accomplish all of the party’s outstanding pledges.

“Throughout the campaign, and especially on Election Day, my heartfelt prayer was for a result in favor of the candidate who would benefit the people of Nganglam, the most,” he added.

“I gave my best and waited for the final vote count with that prayer. When it became evident that I had been elected. My immediate thinking was that I would have to work hard to benefit the people of the Nganglam constituency,” he said.

He claimed it was also a personal victory because the people of Nganglam understood the need for change.

“My patience and perseverance paid off. I was also pleased to see that people have matured politically, and voted objectively rather than based on emotions and attachments,” he added.

“I would like to thank the supporters and voters for their trust and confidence in me. This is only the start. Our real work begins now, and we will work together to realize our vision of a rich and peaceful Nganglam constituency,” he added.

Karma Dorji won the bye-election in Nganglam with 2,951 votes, defeating Rinchen Pelzang from Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) with 2,285 votes.

Meanwhile, Karma Lhamo, who won the Mongar bye-election, expressed her delight that people have grasped the core of democracy and recognized the value of having a representative from the ruling party based on seniority.

She said that the 12th Five-Year Plan (FYP) activities are ongoing, so she will ensure that all of the 12th FYP activities are implemented on time with the local government.

 “I also have some pledges that are beyond the plan. So for those pledges that are beyond the plan, I need to go to the capital and follow up with the government, and then based on the government’s advice, I can prioritize, but I cannot specify which pledges will be prioritized first,” she said.

She remarked that she began the path on her own, after a soul-searching moment, in order to serve the King, Country, and People.

“It was a solitary experience. It was a difficult choice to make. But I took the decision to become a Monggarpa for Mongar Demkhong and begin my trip,” she said.

She added, “I am eternally grateful to Kenchosum for guiding me through this most exciting but challenging chapter of my political career,” she continued, “I’ve always been grateful to His Majesty The King, whose inspiration knows no borders or boundaries. I am truly humbled and appreciative for all of your help and encouragement. For all people of Mongar constituency far and near, I am deeply touched and filled with immense gratitude for allowing me to be part of you. I thank each household and each individual here, and those whose postal ballots came traveling from far and near, I thank you all.”

Karma Lhamo of the DNT received 4,149 votes in the Mongar bye election, defeating Dorji Yuden of DPT, who received 2,035 votes.

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