MP’s Prado again

I was deeply disappointed to read the story in your last issue on MPs importing vehicles without quotas and then getting special treatment from DRC and RSTA.

I agree with this newspaper’s findings and assessments on the issue but I would like to go one step further.

My conclusion is that the Prado case is an ultimate proof that our MPs have not yet understood the real meaning and spirit of democracy.

Their various decisions and laws in favour of their own entitlements and pay do not only betray greed but also a mindset that they are a class above everyone else. Their decision to effectively ban Prados and luxury vehicles for others with high taxes and then exempt themselves denotes not only selfishness but also a strong desire to be seen more as ‘lords’ and less as ‘representatives’.

It is an irony that the Bhutanese democracy that favors these young and educated MPs so much with age and education qualifications is now being abused by the same beneficiaries.

One would have though and expected that our educated MPs would have thought in an educated and egalitarian way.

Our MPs have also not proven themselves to be immune to the Bhutanese syndrome of becoming a completely different person when invested with power and authority.

MPs do not understand that democracy is not just passing laws and having elections but it is about practicing and encouraging democratic behavior.

By now I am not surprised that in the 2008 elections most of the MPs both in the NA and NC were not reelected.

The Parliament besides good law making is supposed to reflects the people’s concerns and issues but so far neither seems to be happening. There are so many issues affecting common people but they seldom get raised in the Parliament.

We like to laugh or look down on MPs in neighboring countries as corrupt, illiterate and rude but at least they are not as privileged and disconnected  like many of our own MPs.

One important issue is also that if the law makers themselves cannot show respect for the due process and laws then what moral authority do they have left.

Tsencho – Phuentsholing

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