Multi-skilled instructors briefed on making vocational training attractive in schools

Around 13 multi-skilled instructors gathered at the Department of Youth and Sports (DYS) to discuss issues pertaining to the use of vocational skills in schools on March 9.

The meeting aimed to come up with a new work plan for the teachers through introducing strategies to make vocational education popular.

Some instructors brought up the issue of lack of support from principals in forming vocational clubs while some clubs, they said, were  dissolved due to inadequate equipment and  limited student interest.

“Such programs are meant to create awareness since youth perceive vocational training in education,” said Chief Program Officer Karma. “Youth think that there is no career progression after they get into vocational institutes,” he added.

Therefore these multi-skilled instructors have been identified as the focal persons to disseminate vocational skills and upgrade this type of education.

In the year 2003, the Labor ministry (MOLHR) and education ministry (MOE) collaboratively send instructors to schools to upgrade vocational education.

But the instructors, back in schools failed to understand their job descriptions and were functioning as supporting staff instead of fulfilling their allotted duty.

“Most of them have failed to advocate the vocational skills though students were coming forward to join vocational clubs,” said Karma.

The teachers were originally assigned to motivate students to join vocational club activities, assist in life skill training, and come up with proposals for vocational clubs therefore, to have effective vocational clubs in the school the concerned ministries will address the discussed issues and multiply the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) programs.

The participants will also encourage hands-on skills that will demonstrate to youth how to make use of waste materials.

Presently, there are 161 instructors across the nation showcasing and advocating vocational skills to students.


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