Multiple blocks along Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway strands passengers and leads to fuel rush

The monsoon has wrecked havoc on the Thimphu-Phuntsholing national highway with multiple road blocks.  Reports are also pouring in of number of roadblocks around the country. The Thimphu -Phuentsholing highway has more than 7 roadblocks, out of which the Sorchen and Kamji road blocks are the worst and expected to take longer time to clear.

Half the road was washed away due to heavy rainfall on the night of July 21. According to authorities in charge of clearing the road block, the work of road clearing can be done in one day if there is no heavy rainfall, but if the heavy rainfall continues then there is a chance that it will take two days or more to clear the road blocks.

Many commuters are stranded in the Thimphu-Phuntsholing highway as family members worry about their relatives not reaching their destinations. There is also an advisory in place for halting or delaying road travels due to worsening weather and road conditions. Police said there is no guarantee in falling boulders, landslides and roads getting washed away. So they have requested all the travelers to travel safe and to avoid travelling out unless it is an emergency.

Meanwhile, there is a rush for fuel as people fear that there will be a shortage of car fuel. In Thimphu, traffic jams were caused by the long queues of cars waiting in line in the petrol pump stations.

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