Multiple Cars damaged in Thimphu by miscreant

Thimphu police arrested a 21-year-old man on April 28th at around 1:30 am after an initial complaint of car damage in “Hong Kong market” road was filed with the police.  Upon inspection, the police found eight more cars damaged in the same locality with no culprit in sight.

All the cars were found with broken windshield glass and some with broken door glass and dents to the body of the cars. Along with the cars, the miscreant also caused damage to three business signboards of shops in the area. Police said that they found stones inside a few of the cars which might have been used to break the windows of the cars.

The miscreant was brought under police control only after two female and one male friend of the suspect were brought to city police station for questioning. Police said that at the time of arrest the suspect was under the influence of alcohol, and as of now, the suspect has denied the crime.

This is the third such reported case within a span of a month. Police said that although more police personnel are deployed during party nights, they are unable to assure full protection. A factor hindering the police is when some people fail to turn up to report a crime to the police even after witnessing a crime. This, the police said, leads to the suspect being released free of the crime.

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