Mushroom training for survivors of GBV

The survivor of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) are most of the time left ideal with very minimum opportunities. Some of the survivors, mostly women and some men, were employed before the pandemic, but are now jobless.

Therefore, various trainings are being provided to the survivors so they can earn a livelihood.

To support the survivors, the Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women (RENEW) has initiated a mushroom management training with funding support from JICA Bhutan office. The training concluded on 28 June 2022.

The RENEW mushroom management training works on enhancing its vocational training program for survivors of GVB, and other underprivileged community members with the establishment of a mushroom shed and business development at the RENEW Vocational Training Centre in Selekha, Wangsisina, Thimphu. 

The training was conducted with an objective to enhance the capacity of trainees, improve their livelihood and create source of income through the provision of mushroom cultivation training.

An official from RENEW said, “The pandemic has badly affected almost all the participants, wherein some of them have lost their jobs, while others needed to find alternative livelihood opportunities.”

They did not have the prospect to apply what they learned during the first cultivation training, but with this follow-up training, it is hoped that the participants are better equipped to start a mushroom business, the official further added.

JICA Bhutan Office funded the project with technical support from the National Mushroom Center. JICA has been supporting RENEW to diversify its training program to meet the different needs and interests of those who are sheltered at the Gawaling Happy Home, to achieve their financial independence, and other community members in need of improved livelihoods.

“The training, which brought together 12 participants, was a follow up of the introductory mushroom cultivation training conducted in 2020,” the official added.

Meanwhile, the training was divided into 2 parts, a mushroom farm management and business development facilitated by varied experts.

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