NANO: A new Internet Service Provider

And the third one to have its own dedicated international line

NANO is the latest Internet Service Provider (ISP) to enter the market and the third ISP in the country, after Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell, with its own dedicated international line through the international gateway in Phuentsholing.

Set up by former Druknet and IT division employees of Bhutan Telecom, NANO is a “focused Internet Service Provider” said NANO’s managing director, Tshering Norbu. “We left Druknet in 2015 to start our own small but well-classified ISP in the country.”

NANO will also provide Managed ICT Services to enterprises and Managed Cyber Security Services and Network Operations. NANO will cater to those organisations struggling to operate and manage their IT and network infrastructure.

To ensure better services NANO will deliver Internet services to only a small segment of customers to create their own niche. “This is to ensure that we are able to provide very prompt and efficient support services while at the same time assuring a high level of service quality,” said Tshering Norbu. “We want to remain that way and provide a completely reliable service where we can respond to our customers with agility and promptness.”

The company has no plans to venture into cellular service.

With their ISP setup tested and serviceable, team NANO said that they are ready for commercial operations and have already started providing services to few clients.

Including NANO there are nine licensed ISPs in the country (Bhutan Telecom, TashiCell, Druk Com, NANO, Samden, DataNet WIFI, SuperNet Infocomm, BitCom Systems, USD NET) with only four providing active services. Tashi Cell and Bhutan Telecom are the major players importing their bandwidth from India. Druk Com provides VSAT services to banks.

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