National Cleaning campaign to mark 10th Anniversary of His Majesty’s Golden Reign

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of His Majesty the King’s accession to the Golden Throne, a Nation Wide Cleaning Campaign will be conducted on 9th December 2016.

Videoconferencing with the Dzongdags of 20 Dzongkhag from Thimphu yesterday, Lyonchhen said “the real gift to His Majesty the King would be to sustain the cleaning campaign to keep our beautiful country clean.” Lyonchhen also reminded the Dzongdags about His Majesty’s noblecommand, “Where we live must be clean, safe, organised, and beautiful, for national integrity, national pride, and for our bright future. This too is nation building.”

While all Dzongdags will be taking the lead role in this national endeavor in the cleaning campaign on 9th December, they will also be submitting different programs and strategies to sustain this national initiative in all times to come.

The initiative is inclusive and will cover all the villages, chiwogs, gewogs, Dungkhangs, trekking routes, streams, rivers and others, falling within their respective jurisdictions.They were also instructed to work with thromdes, armed forces, institutions and project managements.

The cleaning campaign on the 9th December, which will be declared as National Holiday, would however, be conducted by the volunteers. This would, therefore, provide every citizen an opportunity to take part in this important and historic national initiative as they celebrate the 10th Anniversary of His Majesty’s reign.

The Prime Minister in a message to government secretaries said, “Our combined efforts to clean up our country will be our collective gift to His Majesty to commemorate the 10th anniversary of His accession to the Golden Throne.”

“The real gift to our Beloved King is not the one-day nation-wide cleaning campaign, but our sustained efforts to keep Bhutan clean. Our goal is to make Bhutan the cleanest country in the world. Given our small population, one that’s spread across a relatively large territory, this should not be an impossible target,” Lyonchhen added.

The PM told the secretaries, “To keep Bhutan clean we will need to come up with workable strategies. Mainly it’s about sustaining our efforts, especially monitoring the work of cleaners and implementing regulations that already exist.”

The PM said, “Drukyul is already the greenest country on earth. Let’s make it the cleanest.”

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