National Council thanks His Majesty in its concluding session

The nation’s first democratically elected National Council (NC) concluded its 10th and the last session yesterday.

The House of Review thanked the Druk Gyalpo and attributed the title of ‘Unifying force’ upon him.

While paying their tribute to His Majesty, the NC members acknowledged His Majesty’s contributions in all spheres of developments such as the foreign relations, attending calls of domestic problems uncalled natural calamities, initiating initiatives, land kidus and many other such developments.

Members said that His Majesty has always been supportive in all kinds of ways and over the years, the people of the nation have always been happy and blessed just by his presence.

The NC members took turns to thank His Majesty for all his support and guidance in all the years that they had been parliamentarians in a set-up where everything had a new beginning and also for the seamless flow of democracy.

Both Chairperson Lyonpo Namgay Penjore and Deputy Chairperson Dasho (Dr.) Sonam Kinga highlighted on the performance of the NC and the bills it passed and deliberated.

At length both of them spoke about the support His Majesty provided in all forms possible.

“I am very proud of all the works of both our Kings and initiatives they have taken, the granting of Kidus have been of immense help to the people of our country,” expressed NC MP Rinzin Rinzin of Lhuentse. He said that the address of His Majesty to different sections of people in the country including the youth, has contributed a lot.

“The sovereignty of the country is becoming stronger year after year and the advice of His Majesty to the students ,who are the builders of the future, has had a significant impact on the progress of the country as a happy nation,” said Trashiyangtse NC MP Kesang Namgyal.

On similar lines, Gasa NC MP Sangay Khandu expressed his gratitude toward His Majesty by highlighting the major roles His Majesty played in strengthening Bhutan’s relations with the outside world, contributing greatly to strengthening the sovereignty of the country.

The Gasa NC MP also thanked His Majesty for travelling to all the far flung and remote pockets of the country, trotting hills and meadows of the country.

Haa NC MP, Tshering Dorji, said the feeble voices of the people from remote regions were heard just because of His Majesty and the visits His Majesty made around the country. He also highlighted that though Bhutan started with little knowledge of democracy, the guidance of His Majesty at all times made it a smooth process.

In the concluding session yesterday, the NC thanked all the stakeholders of democracy and mainly the media for spreading information on democracy to make informed choices.

The NC, so far discussed 39 bills. It also highlighted that many of the issues between the National Assembly (NA) and NC has been ‘satisfactorily solved’. It also wished the three new registered political parties, Bhutan Kuenyam Party (BKP), Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) good luck for the coming elections and thanked them for coming up as choices for the country and its people.

The NC MPs will soon be gearing for their re-election.

The short session of the NC saw it adopting the Alternatives Dispute Resolution Bill, the Contract Bill, the Domestic Violence Prevention Bill and the Road Bill. The NC also agreed to join the Inter parliamentary Union.

The house ratified the SAARC Agreement on Rapid Response to National Disaster, SAARC Agreement on Multilateral Arrangement on Recognition of Conformity Assessment and the SAARC Agreement on the Implementation of Regional Standards.

The NC during its session introduced and discussed its report on the rupee shortage problem placing the blame on the Royal Monetary Authority and the Ministry of Finance.

The NC also introduced its mining report highlighting the environmental and socio-economic impact of mining.

It also recommended nationalizing the mining sector.

Puran Gurung / Thimphu

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