National Day used to create awareness for eliminating wildlife crime

As part of the 108th National Day celebrations, the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) set up a stall at festive gathering in Paro to convey the message on eliminating forests and wildlife crime.

Forestry officer, DoFPS, Chhoglay Namgyal said that the main aim and objectives is to create public awareness on forests and wildlife crime that occur, especially in Paro and Haa. On display at the stall were commonly traded wildlife contrabands, like musk pod, bear bile, panax, pseudoginseng, ophicordyceps, sinessis, picrorhiza, pans polyphilla and gastrodio elata.

Combating the proliferation of the wildlife crime in Bhutan is a priority for DoFPS, but however, in recent years,  not only are new wildlife products venturing into the black market unabated, but the modus operandi in sourcing such products has evolved, rendering traditional enforcement ineffective in most cases.

The experience has shown that the department, on its own, cannot succeed in eliminating forests and wildlife crime. Henceforth, DoFPS aims to share rules, policies, information and resources with other enforcement agencies and communities, as a critical method in combating wildlife crime.

Further, Forest Protection and Surveillances Unit (FPSU), DoFPS creates awareness on the seized forestry and wildlife contrabands to the general public with posters and brochure distribution on rules, fines and penalties as per the Forest and Natural Conservation Act.


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